Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


NSeems to be almost giddy excitement here at the thought of Galway taking over as the dominant force in Connacht. (Roscommon current champions).

The logic of league form so far while can not be dismissed can be flawed. Roscommon reached a league semi final in stunning early league form, also beating Kerry down in Killarney and while they won Connacht and drew with us in Croke Park, they were badly exposed in the replay.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times Mayo have been top of the league and got to league semi or finals down the years only to be shown up in the championship (pre Horan era).

I know Mayo are focusing that May meeting in Castlebar with Galway. Law of averages and mileage means another successful navigation of the back door especially with super 8’s is a tall order.

That game will be huge.


Lot of talk about that Mayo Galway game as a make or break. Is it that important? Afterall if these sides are of a good standard they should make the group’s of 4 anyhow.

At this stage, I see the All Ireland series as a separate competition. It was going that way anyhow. Potentially losing 2 or even 3 times in the championship and still with a possibility of winning the AI probably supports that.


This could be the issue , the super 8s. At least two or three good teams possibly in a group .Tougher than qualifiers.


It’s getring to the super 8’s is the issue…I think the loser of Mayo/Galway have 7/8 games to play just to get there. Might suit the younger Galway team better which is why Mayo will be looking to go through the front door and win Connacht this year.


Is it that much ? You would have maybe 3 qualifiers ?
Not sure on that myself .


Not sure about people being giddy about Galway overtaking Mayo in Connaught. To be honest id be more wary of Galway as they are somewhat of an unknown quantity to us.

With all due respect in the last 13 games Mayo haven’t beaten Dublin so I’m not really sure why any Dublin fan would want Galway to overtake Mayo. Its a fixture that although the games have been very tight, the outcome has been very favourable for Jim Gavin’s Dublin.

You’re right about league form however I would be reading more into the past two results when the sides have met in the Championship.

We know that Mayo improve drastically towards the end of the championship so given what has happened the last few years, you would have to imagine that Mayo need to be close to, if not at, Croke Park form in May. Be very difficult to get up to that tempo in the first round of championship.

If Mayo get relegated it will be the worst possible way to enter the build up that game. I would imagine there’ll be plenty of challenge matches between Mayo and Ulster sides in the weeks leading up the Galway clash.

It is a massive positive that there is such enthusiasm and hype around a game in May. Its only February and people are talking about it


I’m closer than most - but that’s one game I fully intend on going to. Champo starts there, no doubt about it.


Mayo at full pelt will batter them.


But they can’t be at full pelt then. Mayo probably have to manage bodies more than any other team given age profile, lack of depth and huge miles on the clock in recent years.


Galway at the moment are the most dominant team in Connacht, but I’m only going by current form. Maybe if we change the criteria to a timeframe when mayo could beat a team in 70mins, we could argue the point.


They are the most dominant team based on what…league form so far this year? Come on it’s not even March yet. I’ve read a lot of your posts here and your hatred for Mayo is clear to see.


Roscommon beat Galway in Connacht final and FBD league.


Your wrong to accuse me of hatred, critical of mayo yes, hatred no. This is par for the course when it comes to critical analysis of mayo that doesn’t run with the myth, very quick to question and insult the character of the messenger. You have accused me wrongly before .
I predicted the rise of Galway, I firmly held the opinion on here that Galway are better footballers than mayo, the fact that mayo haven’t been able to beat them is but one of a number of indicators of why I believe they are the dominate team in Connacht with the potential to be top two team in the country.
When you dismiss Galway try do it on fact without recourse to insulting others.


Correct, it’s a fact I’m well aware of.


If Mayo beat galway in May will you change your opinion? Also you must hold the Mayo footballers in some eatem when you seem to base the fact that Galway being the dominant force is based on them beating us the last two years in Connacht. Interesting indeed.

Also there is no myth with Mayo…just a desire to win an All Ireland. We don’t want national pity or media love in’s. Take off the tin foil hat.


You may not want it, but the media love the romance of Mayo being bridesmaids.

Personally, I’d say you will take Galway at the serious end of championship, but not for too much longer unless you unearth a few good talents.


But it’s not unique (The fascination with a long loosing steak)…the Red Sox…the cubs (lovable losers) until they won the World Series last year. The buffalo bills in American Football.

Even Liverpool seem to be loved by the media due to their famine in not winning the league title.

I can’t control the headlines mate. Only support my team.


Obviously got the wrong end of the stick, I thought you were denying the love in from the media. Mea Culpa.

Fully get the quoted bit above! Ditto!


No, I believe it takes more than one result to decide a team.
I understand your point and it’s a common view held in mayo but it’s wrong, to believe your a great team because you were beaten by a great team is delusional.
The fact that Galway have beaten mayo 5 in a row does not limit Galways ability but it does limit mayos.
It’s disingenuous of you to state that mayo only want to win an All Ireland, believe it or not all counties have that aspiration. As regards no myth, you want no pity or love ins, consider behaving like the rest and you might notice you get treated like the rest.
Again you resort to insulting me ( tin foil hat ) and again I will respect your right to your opinion.


Super Saints in the FAI Cup