Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Tie Cian O’Neill to a truck bumper and get him started about ref’s… he’s salty enough to clear the roads for miles


Pitch is heated, never knew that… Here’s the important bit:

Over this, a carefully selected Wexford sand forms the lower rootzone into which the undersoil heating system is installed.


Now, please forgive the distressing memories I am about to provoke.

Remember that match against Tyrone in 2008? I have never experienced rain like that, but the Saturday evening was worse. I remember a river flowing down park gate street and roads being closed like the blanchardstown bypass. In the middle of that Kerry and Galway plays in Croker. Jones road was flooded and closed during the match.

And the pitch held up.

So, there will be no issues with the pitch. Getting there…


The pitch won’t be the issue. If the roads are anyway bad I don’t see it going ahead.


I really think that Galway are now either 3 or 4 in pecking order and have gone down through both the Galway/Kerry teams yesterday there is very little difference in the age profile of both, obviously Clifford at 18 years of age being the exception.Thats a young Galway team on the up and they appear to have a strong spine down the middle and that full back looks to be a ‘beast’


Full back is a beast, and he’s quick too!


You could run the 122 bus through the middle of them Kerry HB and FB lines. Galway brutally exposed them and but for some really poor finishing they would have slaughtered Kerry.

I have to say I’ve no idea what Colm O’Rourke was talking about in regards to Galway last night. They appear strong at the back but that doesn’t make them a defensive team. Defensive teams don’t rack up 1-14 and create 5 or 6 other clear goal chances in February.

To me Galway play a very similar style to us. Patient in possession, get the ball to the right man in the right place and have some really strong pacey forwards.


Thought there style looked familiar imitation sincerest form of flattery and all that.The Dubs have saved football from that blanket sh*te.


No goalscorer though! Thought he would have fisted that chance over the bar.


think some pointed it out from their game yesterday , when it comes to keep ball and composure at the end they still don’t have it.

That will go against them big time against the top teams


That’s a regular thing with me too …


Meath still bitter about getting hammered in the 2001 All Ire final. It was all the more traumatic for them because they had just murdered the reigning champions Kerry in the semifinal. I recall Eugene Magee, who always hated Meath, saying that Joyce and Galway had dealt a complete humiliation to Meath football, or words to that effect.
And sure enough, bar the travesty of 2010, and a jammy qualifier run in 2009 they’ve only gone from bad to worse since.


The state of the pitch in PUC yesterday between cork vs Cavan- there was more sand on it that the beaches in portmarnock - and wasn’t there a hurling match on after it ??? Is that what 80 million gets ya ???


Galway wont be top 3/4 until at least win championship game in Croke Park.


At the moment Galway are the 2nd best team in the country based on league results. Anecdotally they are in the chasing pack behind Dublin overall. It could be argued they are displaying the kind of form to be a top two team. Other than Dublin (who they haven’t played) what top team have they not beaten this year.


Galway and Donegal have both looked good but the super 8’s remove league form yet another level of non importance to championship imo.

Galway will have to prove it in Croke Park and its not an easy thing to do. If it were an All Ireland semi with Galway v Mayo this year I’d back Mayo at this stage.


I can understand your opinion, and tipping mayo to beat Galway in championship fits in with that. I also believe it’s the same thought process that led people to assume Galway and Kildare would go straight back to division 2. Dublin having won 3 allIrelands in a row doesn’t erase the memories of the tough days out in the past and still clouds our judgement somewhat. Galway can play football and may not be masters of the dark arts but the standard behind Dublin gives them the opportunity to be no.2in Ireland quite quickly. mayo couldn’t beat Galway in the last 5 incounters I reckon that will be 6 in May going by form.


Some wriggle room for the football next weekend. But not for the hurling


It will be a real test for the Galway forwards in Castlebar, this game is so important for both teams and while Galway are on the up I think the Mayo backs, Leeroy in particular will frighten them in the white heat of championship and from a Galway source I hear that they are wary of the physicality of the Mayo backs when the chips are down


When was the last time Mayo beat Galway? Galway will not be afraid of Mayo