Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Em…is there a rule for that?



Absolutely butchered multiple opportunities. Would’ve been a travesty if Clifford’s goal effort at the death had got them a draw.


A win next Saturday will very likely get us to another league final


Yes, ten points and two matches left so assuming Galway win next week then whoever is top shouldn’t end up third.


I have been making that same point for some time now. I have felt Galways time is coming and while they may not have arrived yet as a team with consistency at the high end in championship, they have proven 5 out of 5 they can certainly bate mayo at their choosing .


Allianz highlights on tg4 now. Showing Tyrone v mon at mo


TG4 are great with the live games/highlights. They make mockery of RTE coverage of league.


Say whut? :crazy_face:

Are you not blowing them up properly?


I will not enter “breaking girls” into a google search. Could be done for online grooming.


Leinster teams bottom in div 1, 2 and 3 with nil points .It’s all dubs fault of course.




That Ryan McHugh goal , lord .


O’Rourke having a pop off Cian O’Neill , sounded like a bit of deflection off the result to bring up the gum shield incident.


What has to be questioned is why he was playing without a gumshield!!! Could also question why Goughs attention was drawn to the fact that he wasn’t wearing one - although the likelihood is that he was giving lip to the ref and the ref could understand him, hence realising there was no gumshield in situ :wink::wink:

The rule is there long enough now, plus, contrary to what O’Neill maintains, play is not suspended until the gumshield is obtained.


I thought he lost his gum shield after he gave a shoulder during the game.


They all say that :wink::wink:


Granted, I’m laughing here, just repeating out of courtesy


Lost it in his sock!!


This Sunday game is more comedy than analysis. Between the interviewer saying to rochford " you could have won that if you raised the couple of green flag chances" to o rourke saying on meaths performance " you can’t grow roses if you haven’t pulled the weeds " as they look relegation in the face.


Think he stuck it behind his ear