Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


If we beat Kerry next week they won’t make the final and could be in trouble at the other end.


I think mathematically they could catch Galway but would need results to go their way . I think Galway would have to lose their last 3 games .



Galway have missed some goal chances against KOTF.


He was on a yellow when ref. Sent him to sideline to get gum shield. While walking to side line to get gum shield Kildare keeper kicked the ball out to him, as the ref made no signal and allowed the play to continue. Kildare lad got the ball and a yellow. This was also compounded by the fact that the ref seems to have forgotten the player was already on a yellow. And only after o Neill spoke with the linesman it seems the player got the line.


Sounds like a case of a ref applying the rules, but not common sense.


Some whinging from O’Neill wanting the game to be stopped for the player so he can to get a gumshield.

Everyone that plays knows the rule.


Well if the ref. listened to the linesman who knew exactly what was going on, it would have helped. Not saying Kildare would have won, but to lose a player, your captain in a critical game, in such a way has to be questioned.


Yeah, but I agree with the point he made, if a ball is kicked towards you, you will react, everyone that played the game would understand that too.


No you would run off and try get a replacement gumshield as quick as you can after the referee told you and not touch the ball.
The referee is hardly going to say ‘Ok, win this ball and then go off and get one’.

He’s just another manager whinging and looking for excuses.


Got the gum shield , then stuck it in his socks apparently.


Yeah possibly, finding defeat hard to take and doing a rochford as they say. Though I think I would be more sympathetic myself under the circumstances.


I booked a lad today for constantly taking his gumshield out of his mouth. Manager told me he was booked for same thing last week. Players need to realise they are part of their playing gear now and there is no excuse for not wearing one.


You would be booking Peter Crowley a lot then.

He has his gum shield out more than it’s in.


If we do beat Kerry, and they are out of the thing, it would mean the two most likely finalists are us and Galway, for which we would be strong favourites. So in a way, next weeks game would put us well on the road to being league champions.

One caveat to that though, I have said here before that Galway are good. If you look at the team, player by player, they are strong. Stronger then Mayo for instance…


His moan is stupid, are hurling matches held up for lads to get new girls when they break?


Is our last game Galway ?


Bloody apple autocorrect :face_with_hand_over_mouth:




No kerry galway monaghan last