Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Who’d he give the interview to ?


Is spoofing the correct term to use in this instance.


I don’t know. We’ll find out soon enough I suppose.


It was a video interview, will scan back and post link .


Monaghan had at least 9 players starting that were not on the programme against Kerry, from what I remember.


I believe Reape has been dropped from the panel :wink:


Whether he plays or not, Gavin wouldn’t be spoofing as he did say possibly play. So dont really get your point.


Eamoan Dumpy would love the opportunity to call Gavin a spoofer, it’s one of his favourite words. “Gavin’s a charlatan, a spoofer. Éamon Fitzmaurice is the real deal. Dublin will never be truly great, like Kerry, they…are the real keepers of the flame. Dublin will not be loved like the great Kerry teams, they are arrogant, they’re spoofers.”


Aftermatch Interview dubs v Donegal given to eir. Can’t get video link to work keeps going to Brian mullens & Diarmo interview.
Print version below from examiner.


He would be gushing about Cody how Kilkenny are real winners, Dublin the man city of the gaa. Probably throw in a reference to some horse trainer as well (ignoring that the Irish horse industry is the man city of the sport thanks to…er… financial doping :astonished:)


And all the while Dunphy is the biggest spoofer of them all. And an ugly pox that only a mother would reluctantly love.


Tyrone in big trouble now. Their clashes with both Donegal and Mayo are going to be well worth a watch. Monaghan going great.


Cant see Tyrone beating either team.


Kildare’s Doyle sent off on two yellows, second for no gum shield… interesting as you see plenty of players without them!!


Galway doing well again Kerry , up 6 points to 2


Galway v Kerry half time Galway lead by 4


Kildare v Donegal 3:05 plays 0:14, Kildare making a game of it with 14 men, 24mins 2nd half


Defeat again for Kildare, playing with 14 men was always going to be too much.


Galway dominating the Kingdom in Tralee. Ambrose not a happy man on the wireless.


Things looking good for them . If we beat Kerry next week it might damage their chances of making the final .