Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


When Tyrone were even more well into decline? Missing several first choice. Non-admissable I felt




Nice one Roy! :slight_smile:


Don’t think so Johnny has a restraining order on Dub09.



I’d several of those imposed by a judge and I still got within jumping distance of Margot Robbie.


Last of the big spenders!!

I’m sure Mrs Dub95 doesn’t know what the inside of a restaurant looks like.


im gonna treat her likewise when she gets released for christmas


Bravo!! :laughing:

Though come to think of it, maybe I should say sorry to hear that. Or congratulations?


Don’t be too hasty…spoil her with a bottle of red lemonade this Christmas, and before you know it she’s looking a toaster next year.


or a turkey coddle


All me best Valentine moments featured a Johnny …



All mine didn’t! Ya posho from Glasnevin!


Rochey…that’s coz the trick is to get yourself a woman in the first place.

I said before…you got to look the part for St Valentine’s. Here’s me showing how it’s done…check out that bad boy suit.



which one are you



That’s fighting talk.

And up here we don’t need your coddle and don’t need your red lemonade either.

Just yourself, tickets to the local game…and money to pay the pimp.


as in before or after?




Fixed that for you.


Check out the current league (before someone corrects it) table as shown on Wiki’s page… Is Ewan McK compiling the table???
Maybe someone more tech savy and with more time than me can do a screenshot of the table?