Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Red herring stuff though to some extent. Tyrone don’t seem to have the strength of team/squad, especially forwards, to compete in any sort of championship game with Dublin. That said I think they could have been a good bit closer last year but they were very flat-footed. Alot of people went on and on about them keeping to their plan and needing more variety to their game/tactics but in fact there was no option, they hadn’t a hope of catching Dublin by opening up because of the way Dublin defend and control possession. What would have happened was Tyrone conceding goals and losing by more.

We can argue all day and night about whether it’s better to die in a blaze of attacking or keep some respectability on the score-board. We used to think it was better not to take a 20 point tanking than a 10 point beating but Dublin showed in 2010 that you can come back from bad tankings two years in a row to raise morale and belief again.
But nothing MH could do with tactics would really matter til he has/had more options to play with, more in the arsenal. And playing the way his teams do, if the oppo are better but have an off day then they have a chance.

00s Tyrone team had some of the greatest players to ever play the game. They had a leader and all-round player in SC that is irreplaceable (he was over the hill last year). They had another great leader and versatile player in Dooher. They had SON, and Brian McGuigan when at his best. They had a ferocious back lines. On top of that they had tactics and a coach at his peak that other teams had not got to grips with til Dublin in 2010, by when the cracks had already appeared in the unit. They have little to compare to any of that right now.


Your argument was about not using winning margins to judge or compare two teams. But if can’t use multiple examples of incredibly close games between the same teams in the games that matter the most, All-I semis and finals, to make an argument against the opinion that Mayo have been well behind Dublin based on results between the teams, than what can be used?
Of course it’s taken as a given that consistently winning is the first and main evidence but this whole discussion started in response to the usual comments thrown out by a couple of people about “how poor Mayo are”, and “how far behind Dublin Mayo are”. It simply doesn’t quite stack up against such a consistent weight of evidence that they are well-able to compete very very closely.


Hard one to say…but I’d make Kerry favourites.

Dublin might make it seem easy now - but retaining the AI felt next to impossible. Plus the 06 Tyrone side lost too many players through injury.

Kerry were a serious outfit last decade with really skilful players and a good manager in J O’C. They had the O’Se’s, Gooch, A O’M, Moynihan, O’Sullivan. KD. And all in their prime.


Was it all a cunning plan to avoid getting beaten by Kerry? I am fascinated by what might have been in 2009. Tyrone won the Ulster title in style, first time they’d done that the year after winning Sam. They came to Croker for the semi-final appearing to be in full flow but clearly didn’t have the legs of Cork. Tyrone at even near their best would have beaten that Cork team handy enough I’m sure. Such a shame we didn’t have one final showdown with Kerry but for once Tyrone would be the favourites, trying to retain.


The Patron Saint of Nonames


So Voldemort gets his own official Ressers name, but Colm Cooper was never officially christened Padre Pio?

There really is no justice in the wurrild ! :rofl:


I dunno padre pio is a bit holy? More like Gordon gekko money never sleeps is more appropriate.


Great respect for mc entee for what he has achieved in the game but what was he doing getting involved in that “melee” on sunday.Reminded me of the worst moments pillar caffrey.


So what’s the media summation of Mayo after the weekend … well Newstalk allowed David Brady to go with the idea that Aidan O’Shea needed protecting from all the pulling and dragging he gets. :roll_eyes:

While over on the Irish Independent Throw-In podcast with Colm Keys & David Brady again there was sympathy for Cill1an O’Connor because what he did was purely out of frustration, the poor fella played every minute of the league and championship last season (bar 20 mins for a black card) and he must be exhausted. That on top of his frustration led him to lash out… the poor divil. :roll_eyes:


To Hell or to Connaught - Pick Hell, it’s warmer.




yes the sympathy card is now being played everywhere. he is fustrated. i get fustrated at work, i dont elbow people because of it. he also picked on a lad a lot smaller than him as well, with his body shielding the referees view (or so he thought).

And what about his trademark causing a collision to get a black card for the other guy? or his other elbows? a guy who gets fustrated that often needs to probably get another hobby.


Ah the poor lad, the poor team, is that display what o conor means when he says mayo will continue to fight the good fight. Shockin. Of course if it was Philly or Dermo or johnny ah give them a couple of months, Read also that Bernard may not need surgery so hopefully its not as bad as first thought. Speedy recovery lad


This is hard to believe, had to read it a few times.
Roy Curtis on twitter:
An early candidate for most bizarre sporting stat of 2018: Mayo’s forward line had more red cards (two) than points from play (one) in Salthill yesterday.
#AllianzLeague #GAA #GalVMayo


I hope you posted your valentines card in time for it to get to cillian by tomorrow. Dub09 has hand delivered his to Johnny cooper.


Mayo provide too much romanticism type talk during championship for a broadcaster ever to dirty their name.


there is a good will and a love in with mayo - like there was for us in 2011.
If Mayo win one or two that will start to fade


we’r meetin up tomorra night for a lovely little candle lit coddle and a bottle of red lemonade


it’ll be a while fade’n so


I heard that all right, but didn’t see it on the tv.

McEntee would’ve struck me as a very level person - even the way he played with Armagh - unless he was trying to break things up and preventing them from getting worse.

And what was that about a motion to define a ‘melee’…if 5 or more got involved?