Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Agree 100%




What your s honest opinion on the o Connor brothers Dub95, don t hold back now ?


I’d say theres a fair enough chance i’d be sent to Coventry if I was to really spill the beans on that one:


At the end of the day its only football. Leave the O’Connors to be the O’Connors and you go and get yourself a nice cup of tea. Peace in our time.


yeah well, i would expect more debate on what our players do or dont do than what a mayo player does against Galway.

there is little debate on it on mayo blog because nobody there is defending him.

i would hardly say that this place is a love mayo hotline either, we are certainly hated by some members of their beloved blog and on their facebook pages etc which is hard to reconcile if we all love mayo.


Do you now have to live in total anonymity as a result of that? Like a witness protection scheme, or something?


Why the hell do you think he lives in Tipp?

It sure as heck can’t be by choice. :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard he had nt gone home after the 1990 feile


The Tripp to Tipp-Nam, maaaaan.

I mean, you haven’t BEEN !


I had to get away from myself to a place with no internet


Howz that workin’ out for ya? :thinking:


If he agreed to be a boards mod, that would be much more apt.


Oh it was. Three forums and also on the legal team checking posts for defamation and other crap. It was fun but by about 2010 the admin started vanishing up their own arses and it all got very weird. Haven’t posted there since 2011.


You post here all the time …


I think this is the sort of thing Mayo don’t need, but yet seem to want it, all this bullying and not being bullied Sh…, IMO I think it is pretty naive to think that hardened inter county footballers, be they from Dublin, Mayo or Kerry are going to be bullied. But I get the feeling that Mayo believe this is an important factor and at the end of the day all they are doing is distracting themselves.


I get why a manager might ask his players to get in the faces off their opponents, force them into errrors, lay a mark etc…but that’s usually to a weaker team about to play the much better opponents.

In Mayo’s case - unless there’s a genuine bad blood with Galway - it’s just bringing unwanted attention and suspensions.

And the media have a habit of turning. All it takes is for an incident to be flagged up on TSG, and you’re under the microscope.

If Mayo get into a scrape with Dublin, I imagine they’ll get the rap.


No chance


Disagree there Daller They have everyone brain washed into this whole “Peoples Champions” crap & their players get a free ride as a result. Look at the reaction to Keegan’s GPS incident last year. It was brushed off & laughed off in most quarters. If that had been a Dublin player, everyone would be calling for his head on a platter. Likewise CO’C. He is Captain Fantastic, the fearless leader of the plucky little underdogs, who put it up to the big, bad Dubs every year. There is not a hope his transgressions will be judged in the same light as anyone else’s.


In mayos last 6 games none of the opposition finished with 15. I think its 10 sending offs for the opposition in 6 games. Coincidence possibly .