Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


I don’t really understand what the fixation about the amount of points between the final whistle is blown. I think a greater indicater is how many times Mayo have tried and failed to beat us between 2012 and now. What is it now 12 games between league and championship and they haven’t beaten us?


Well forgive me I thought it was about winning, like every other sport. Maybe we should reconsider who gets the trophy so. As for consistency, they are not winners.


Mayo may not win an All-Ireland with this current crop of players but they have prevented a few teams from doing so themselves… Dublin in 2012, Kerry in 2017.


That’s the indicator there, the rest is myth making.


I accept that, and they can dine out on what they achieved when their playing days are over.


I don`t think there is any doubt that Mayo have been the second best team in recent years, in my opinion the question is, have they missed the boat? I think a few of their key players are starting to show signs of tiredness and frustration, it seems to me at times that they seem to think that not winning was through no fault of their own and are failing to address their own short comings , such as free taking, not knowing what to do with Aido etc. They need to focus on football rather than worrying about who is bullying who.


They’re not going anywhere. This happens year in year out. The reality is they (like ourselves) have close to a bye to the AI semi finals, so they are going to be in the mix. They’ve proven they can put it up to Dublin and Kerry


So you are assuming Kerry would have beaten Dublin then? I don’t think so. I don’t accept they prevented a piss poor Kerry team from winning Sam


That Kerry team last year wouldn’t have beaten Dublin in the final if they had beaten us.

What I and most Mayo fans are looking for in the league is a new forward which unfortunately we don’t seem to have found.

Getting to and losing another final in 2018 will be no good. We may not even get that far but look there is a lot of football to be played yet.

As for Mayo being every naturals fav second team I’ve never bought that. One only has to look at the social media comments since the game yesterday.


But we didn’t stop Kerry from winning the 2017 All-Ireland, Mayo did.
Donegal didn’t stop Dublin winning the All-Ireland in 2012, Mayo did.
Mayo may not win an All-Ireland with this current bunch - as I said. But they are capable of knocking out a big gun, Dublin included. I don’t think the Super 8’s will suit Mayo, however. I think Dublin, with strength in depth, are best suited to the Super 8’s.


No but you are making stating that Mayo stopped them winning the title which clearly infers they would have went on to win Sam had they beaten Mayo. Kerry were no giant in last year’s semi - they were a mess with no FB line and would not have beaten Dublin.


No, it doesn’t infer that. Dublin would have beaten Kerry by more than they beat Mayo, I reckon. But Dublin did not stop Kerry winning the All-Ireland. Mayo stopped them.


Bah … no talking to you sometimes …


I’ll not have any of your lip.


I think this is last chance saloon before Kerry overtake them. They are probably still the best team out there for having a set up to hinder the best teams greatest strengths. But beating two top teams playing that way is a tall ask with little or no margin for errors.

I admire their resilience over the past few years even though I’ve an issue with the slyness of a few of their players. Their ability to rise from performances where they have been plain and simply brutal to full out war mode is admirable.

If Dublin were out of the equation I’d like to see a player like Lee Keegan get his All Ireland but I’ll never cheer for them as long as he who is unmentionable keeps playing. Although as long as he is playing Keegan might never win it.


You have a point there, in the drawn all Ireland and replay mayo only led a total of 13 mins


Not sure if I read too much into it…:but SC made the point on TSG that Tyrone needed to be more attacking by having Lee Brennan stay up front.

He said something something similar before the game in Healy Park.

Basically said that Dublin killed the blanket and Tyrone needed something new.

It’s not exactly breaking from MH, but he’s now free to say a bit more.

Also thought he did well considering he’s new to the role. Always thought he’d take a turn at punditry.


I for one honestly hope they never win an All-Ireland, they are a shower of divin cheatin sly …, there was more whinging on here about our own johnny Cooper than there is about that sly ■■■■■■■ o conor for what he did yesterday. and why shouldn’t the prick be named. he’s a disgrace. and fair play to the galway lad he got up and on with it, sometimes here its like love mayo hothotline ffs


You should try anger management.


I haven’t looked at them but I can only assume what they are. However, I don’t think anyone can defend or try to excuse what either of the O’Connor brothers did. Two spineless cowards who only ever hit players with cheap shots. Cillian has been at it for years and has consistently got away with it and with play acting.

I also wait with interest to hear James Horan come out and condemn Aidan O’Shea for more diving antics just as he did with Jonny Cooper (which I think he was right to a certain degree by the way!)…

A lot of the good will people had towards Mayo has worn out with your current crop and how some of them conduct themselves on and off the field.