Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Well, we do on occasions in the league. I’d bet that if we end up in the super 8 with them we could but would it matter if we met them again in the final? I don’t think so.

I really don’t think mayo are bothered this time of the year, two saunters through the backdoor has proven to them that even if they are lousy in the qualifiers they will make croke Park and the QF and then they can get going. That overconfidence may take them out (although I don’t think they will lose to Galway in may) if they end up in that scenario again. If they get to the super eights they will get to the final I believe unless it’s us in the semi.


Mayo blog before the Galway match was all “time to stand up”which is a constant refrain from them. Stand up to Galway. Stand up to Kerry. Stand up to Dublin. Then after meeting all those teams it’s how they were beaten up. The intercounty scene is small, mayo will be up against mostly division 1 opposition again this year and they have all had their fill of the sneaky sly stuff some of their players do every match and react accordingly.

I guess last week and this weeks refs are on the list too. I can see complaints already about the super eight venues.


I write them off. I did so on here 2 years ago and they have even less chance now. "at your peril " they haven’t won an A.I in 57 years, so at your peril is probably not the right language to use. It’s more like back them to win the Connacht championship or league or FBD or even at this stage to beat Galway at your booking peril for that matter.


" Stand up “are two words they might like another two are " nearly” and " if " being constantly in their refrain.


Mayo are either the 2nd or 3rd best side.

So there’s always a fighting chance against 1st.

But Mayo will be going in with essentially the same panel with a relativey old age profile…that don’t know what it feels like to beat Dublin.

Dublin have younger, better players and panel, who believe they’ll beat Mayo - and know how to win big games.

IMO, the gap will only widen. Sorry MM.


Actually being essentially the same team I think is what keeps them going - the fear that this year is the last year is a massive motivation, and I believe them when they say that they think they will win Sam and should have already. The problem is that unlike ourselves I feel that mayo will very quickly be like Kerry 1987 and that when this team fades it’ll be mercilessly fast and they’ll be goosed for years.

It seems the cb have belatedly realised and are starting to shore up at underage but they seem to have a long haul ahead there.


I see willie j is dishing out some big willie force on the Mayo blog. I keep thinking of the scene out of the commitments Micka Wallace at their first gig ‘who said dat?


Surprised TSG didn’t highlight Tony McEntee running on and getting involved in the scuffle.


Cus D’Amato once said a boxer’s greatest strength could be his greatest weakness.

The flip side of having the same team over a period of years, (like Mayo) is that once a few players drop form, pick up injuries, get older etc…the cohesiveness dissolves.

Tyrone in 2009 and 2010 were a good example of that.


His Father Ted golden cleric style “this is why I deleted ya” post? Oh, cringe city. Even in my days of being a mod on I never saw anything like that.


He’s cleaning house at the moment , no prisoners been taken .


Ya can have any colour you want as long as it’s black.


He’s a prick. Fcuking amazing how talentless people exalt themselves to high office on these fan (ny) boards. He uses the word glacial in the match report … it cut no ice with me … nonsensical …


TBF its not a board, it’s his personal blog. He could disable comments any time he likes, mind.


Sorry - meant blog!


Poorer Sligo, Antrim, and was it Westmeath teams could/should have beaten Kerry in qualifiers in 2009, an All-I they went on to win pulling up.


Year on year since 2006 theyve been closer, along with 96, than at any time in the last, actually 67 years. Last year was very much arguably their best performance in a final in that 67 years. So they have shown continuous improvement in that regard. Only the best team of the last 30 years has beaten them, and only by a point, twice after a replay


It’s about the performance according to what’s needed when it really matters. This is a very well-known measurement in the world of knockout GAA. If you’re looking for a consistent evidence of ability/performance to prove the point you’re arguing against, in 7 championship games between the teams since 2012 the total score is Dublin ahead by 7. If you leave out the 2015 replay the teams are level. That’s level over 6 semifinals and finals. If that’s not evidence enough then what is?


Did we not win the 2015 replay by 7 points?


That’s not true, they were beaten in Connacht last year and returned through the back door riding captain luck.