Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Why who would you have as 2nd best team?

Kerry? Who Mayo wiped the floor with them in the replay there was no default there.

If Mayo had a better manager I think they would be even better tbh as he’s not getting near enough out of them.


Oops…I thought Mayo were second favourites.

But to Parish’s point…whatever the sequence…the top 3 are Dublin, Kerry and Mayo.


I would put Dublin first, after that it’s a pig in poke.


mayo second best who we only beat by a point. This is typical mayo at this time of the year. The only thing id be worried about is the nameless ones form. Be it karma or what ever but he looks like his carrying a lot on his mind and it’s reflecting in his play.


If your judging teams and rating them by the margin by which they win and lose a game, it paints a picture but not necessarily the correct one. Dubs beat mayo by a point so there’s only a point in the difference between the 2 teams. mayo have proven unable to beat Galway in same competition surely that should make Galway equal to dubs or at least 2nd to them. But it doesn’t and rightly so, why ?, because while on a particular day due to many factors you will get a particular result it’s consistency over a period that you look to when rating. mayo have stumbled and fallen to a final but just because they managed to get their does not by default make them 2nd best.


T O’Se mentioned Paddy Tally being involved with Galway and improving their defence.

Paddy was key to Tyrone’s success last decade…and last year managed St Mary’s to a Siegerson.

Some achievement given St Mary’s annual intake is less than 200.

Peter C said he was the best trainer he ever worked under.


There are a host of mayo people on the Facebook blaming the referee for their meltdown at the end of the match, saying he should have been harder sooner. Funny, I thought that it was because mayo resorted to violence when they were six down with a few mins to go and no hope of winning.


What year did Tally leave the Tyrone setup? He was involved with Down a few years ago too.


Wouldn’t read anything into the Mayo/Galway match. But with Kerry and Donegal potentially moving forward they should be concerned about their lack of new forward options.


Near sure it was after 2005.

But not 100%.

As you say he was with Down when they reached the AI in 2010.

But he’s a lecturer in St Mary’s…so not sure how much time he has to coach outside of the college.


Shameful lack of condemnation from their online cheerleaders and those who regularly hold them up as the people’s champions. To what extent do they need to implode before the anti dubs blinkers are removed and the victims are judged to the same criteria as all other counties.


Funny…I thought that earlier.

I’d say Mayo have got up to as much, if not more, badness than Tyrone did…but they seem to get off scot free because they’re perennial underdogs.

I’ve zero against Mayo and hope this team wins an AI…but for me anyway, the media attention isn’t always consistent.


Nail on the f*****g head there UTD. I admired that 00’s team purely because of them playing to their strengths… And winning 3 AI’s in that remarkable team, with a man I held in the highest of esteem as manager. But these pups are getting away with murder compared to what Tyrone did.

I guess losers always get pitied! Sorry @mayoman, but it would appear to be the case! Trust me, I know how you feel!


Mayo don’t go well early in the year. True enough. But some year soon they’re not going to go well at all. That was an absolute shambles today. O’Shea l;ooks like he hasn’t learned a thing about how to play football in five years. O’Connor is boiling over with frustration and they’ve no forwards to speak of.

Yes they always run Dublin close. But some day we are going to go to town on them and it’ll be a bloodbath.


This. But if you listen to some Mayo fans online that was one of his better games for Mayo and he is consistently being fouled and dragged with little protection from referees. I honestly wonder if some of these people understand the rules. You cannot constantly barge into defenders and expect to get frees. What do they want? Defenders to step aside and let him through? You’re supposed to go around defenders, not through them


I think that last sentence could well be prophetic.

Once the dam bursts…Dublin will hammer them.

And unlike last year’s when Dublin and their fans began to get bored…I imagine they’ll go for the jugular against Mayo.


I think that quote is a prime example of special mayo syndrome. You can comment and discuss any counties merits except in mayos case you have to apologise, wish them an A.I. and state your not bitter towards them .A spell in div.2 might just fix all that for them .


Was more saying that in case my point came across as begrudgery towards Mayo…and it isn’t - I tip my hat to any side that comes back year after year.

But I genuinely feel that Mayo get a free ride with the press for some of the stuff they get involved in.


@alonoc, I respect a lot of what you post here, and without wishing to sound in any way vindictive, but like @TheParish, I certainly seem to recall you writing off Mayo last year for similar reasons.

Write Mayo off at your peril. They’re clearly the 2nd best championship team over the last 3 years and are within touching distance of ultimate reward.


Exactly and that seems to be the case for most people making a comment, in regards to them.