Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Mayo never show any real interest in playing football in the league, so not surprised at the pulling and punching.

You’d think they’d figure out why successful teams aim for consistent performances


i think where mayo will find the going tough is if they loose to galway in the championship ,the path back to an all ireland final through the qualifiers and then the super 8s may be a bridge too far considering they are picking from a small squad with lot of miles on the clock


Terrible game. I was weary enough of our chances today. I still reckon we will take them in May. That’s the one to win.

We need to pick up a win soon though. Dublin coming to Castlebar next so won’t be easy. Our games against Tyrone, Kildare and donegal will decide our fate. I still think we will be ok.


Being honest with you, I think yous are in trouble. Need to improve significantly to get anything off them 4 teams you have left.


There’ll be added spice to this , not that it needed any.


True and I look forward to having the craic with the dubs after whatever the result.


People have been saying those sort of things about them since they lost the 2013 final. They ain’t going anywhere. They’ll pull out a performance the next day, and will target the Galway game in summer. They won’t care too much if they go down in the league though will expect to do enough to stay above the Lillies and Monaghan. Galway might be in that scramble too.


Yeah, last year they looked done, poor in the league and only scraping past poor teams in the championship. Yet somehow they have always seemed to be able to raise their performance when it comes to playing the big teams. Someday they are going to go the well and it will be dry and I suspect that will be someday soon, but until it actually happens I’m not going to write them off.


That’s actually very consistent.


Well , it’s like this . They needed alot of games through the qualifiers to get going until the replay against Roscommon. They’ll have that with the super 8s. Don’t forget they were missing a few lads today . It’s apparent now how important Leeroy is to the team . I expect results to pick up once he’s back .


I have said it before, Mayo were lucky to get to the All Ireland final last year, you cannot plan for the kind of luck they had in the qualifiers, they got the breaks, and then picked up their game.


He’s vital to them but I think the wait of carrying them for so long is beginning to tell. I know he’s had injuries this year but he wasn’t as effective last year as he was in 2016 and judging by his interview with kilbane I don’t think he’s that confident he’s over his injuries. Referenced how he wants to have a decent quality of life after playing so I think the injury may be more serious than I first thought. Hopefully I’m reading it wrong but I found it strange him referencing that


yes next year in the super 8s they are going to have an away game and a game at neutral venue …
best of luck heading to ballybofey,omagh or killarney looking for a win to make the semis .


I think he’s just enjoying a break more than anything else . Something he’s probably not had & don’t forget Westport got to the final as well last year . So it’s probably a novelty to him ATM been away from football.


A poor Cork team should have put them away in the qualifiers.


It’s almoat super human the efforts some of the Mayo players have put in.

But you feel the last 2 years must’ve sucked some life out of them. Never mind the miles on the legs.

I know the bookies have them 2nd favourites for the AI, but a good youthful Kerry side could well take them.

And as for LK, very few POTY come back as good again.


I have heard he is flying in training, heard that from Mayo player in DCU, reckons he may be back shortly


You can’t be writing off a team in the 2nd week of February when they are missing 7 players that started the All Ireland final last year especially when they aren’t even training together as a collective unit as the majority are based in Dublin and don’t travel back this time of the year.

Mayo are rightfully the 2nd best team in the country over the last few years. Yes they did ride their luck last year but they will be there or there abouts come the end of Summer as us, them and Kerry and pulling away from the rest by a considerable distance.



Second best by default maybe, more luck than skill to keep them in the picture last year.