Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


This will be priceless how they try & talk their way out if that one


Mayo are imploding. Looks to me like a team in free fall. Manager has lost them. No control. No commitment.

Can’t see them being anywhere this year unless they get a psychologist. A real one.


That should have been straight red for the brother of He who can’t be named here.

At least we’ll have one of the OConnors available for our game. Happy day :slightly_smiling_face:




Lads , what time we meeting up to go over to the mayo blog this evening :laughing:


You said the same last year Alan

They will be there this year as will Kerry as there’s a big gap to the rest


Mammy will have the wooden spoon out tonight!


I have the Midwest Radio commentary on, for the craic like. Bloody priceless !


Don’t recall that.

This seems a lot different. I suspect even we don’t realize the damage we’ve done to them, especially with last year’s win.

The fact that there’s fcuk all else out there will keep them in the hunt. But that today was psychotic stuff. Absolutely all over the place. Stupid. Petulant. Childish.


Tyrone bate Kildare by a point.


Great day all round


This game is such a terrible advertisement for division 1 football.


Galway starting to look a bit decent now. Some serious footballers on board.


Bet you’ll tune in for Connacht championship match between the two of them though!!

Think Galway have Mayos number. Mayo struggle every time they play them. Now starting to lose their control / composure in games against them.

Mayo lucky not to be sitting at bottom of division with zero points. You’d have to expect us to beat them in next game.


Totally leaderless Willie Joe and his bloggers were calling for all out war all week they got their wish


Just on Mayo, I see Andy Moran lost his Dad yesterday. Sympathies to him and family…


They were on the receiving end of it .
Mayo have absolutely no desire to do anything in the league .It’s been evident for a few years now . Just do enough to stay up . I wouldn’t be judging their form on the basis of the league .


Jesus, that’s some weather down in Newbridge.


And most players in short sleeves!


Consistency has always been their issue. Haven’t won a championship game in Croke Park since 01.