Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


This is hilarious :laughing:


Galway have started all the rows in fairness

Aido clearly gets dragged off the ball and Cillian goes in to help.


Let’s get ready to RUMMMMMMMBBBBBLLLE !!! :laughing:


Embarrassing stuff. Two teams making a show of themselves.


Now what’s the difference between that and the saint in the first half?


Mayo have had enough chances to win it


Oh dear


They’ll be losing their shit over on the nutjob central blog after this. Willie Joe will have his work seriously cut out for him. :rofl:


That’s a red card. Sly


That was disgraceful


Finally gets a red


So no CO’C against us?

Devo !


Jesus, this is getting out of hand


Mind boggling how mayo come so close to Dublin. Their lack of the basic skills is shocking.


Hope they have the same outrage over that one from the other O’Connor


That’s a shocker


That was filthy worse than his first half elbow


A little Ringsend elbow right in front of the linesman. Brainless stuff

This is getting ridiculous now



■■■ is the ultimate sneak. I would have more respect for someone who isn’t ashamed to admit they’re rough.


2 O’Connor boys sent off! Quelle suprise??