Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Tyrone a point up at HT


That was sneaky from O’Connor


You don’t say. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mayo Galway game is 2nd division stuff.

Mayo are ambling up to the pitch with really slow, ponderous movements, plenty of lateral backwards stuff, and then the move ends either with an awful shot from 30m that goes wide, or they get stripped.

If they play like this next week, we’ll murder them. We know they won’t though.

Looking at Galway today, how the hell did they beat Donegal?


They did play that way in the league last year in fairness. They lose here though and they’ll defo up their game against us.


It’s not magic in HD either, I don’t think they have the best quality cameras.

Overall this game is of a very poor standard.


Suspect the same myself . If rte can send hd signal over the air , don’t know why tg4 can’t either .


They’d have to, six points is needed to stay up, and even then it’s not 100% certain. If they lose today, and against us, they’ll be on 2 points after 4 games. That’s not a happy place.


All level between Tyrone and Kildare. A draw suits nobody there


Loftus isn’t exactly putting his hand up for a place here


Ref blows for a free from young O Connor and then harshly books him but doesn’t award a free to Galway but instead decided to throw the ball in.

What’s that about ?


Can only assume somebody from Galway said something out of turn


tyrone up by 2 pts


3 points from play 55 mins in is very poor from Mayo


2 of them defenders- Durcan and Boyle


Great return to Divison one from Galway.


Oh Aido, you scamp you.

WTF ! :joy:


High jinks :laughing:


Hand was very close to the eye area there


St. Noname escapes squeaky clean again