Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


If ya phrase that a bit better I might be able to answer :wink:
They’re not hiding it anymore & they don’t seem too bothered what people think where as they would have in the past .
Make no mistake , Kerry have been badly burned by us over the last 7 years . And now Mayo have finally beaten them . I thought enough was enough a couple of years ago with us beating them in two AIs & beating them in two semis . Mayo have gotton in on the act & I think that’s the final straw for them .
If they don’t win Sam this year , EF has to go . He knows this & has drafted in the younger guys . I’d say that was a nod from the board to say , ■■■■ this , we have minors who have won 4 AIs . Get them in there . That’s why Clifford has been promoted to the first team as well as a few others .They have put alot of pressure on him to be the saviour , will be interesting how that works out .
We had seen Con perform but he didn’t arrive with the same fan fare . Scully too came in quietly but I had seen promise in him years ago .Same with Fenton . And by the looks of it Howard & Basquel are going to be special . We are truelly blessed at the moment . Some said the conveyor belt might be over . We’ve just introduced two more this year without any fan fare ,and that’s not even counting Paddy Small . Add to that , there was no Con , Jack or Cormac tonight .Jim Gavin is some operator !


Easy now…


Sorry, hope that comment wasn’t too much of a wrench


RIP Andy Moran’s dad…he never saw his son lift sam but he seen him grace the hollowed turf of Croke Park and play at the highest level…if my son done that that would be good enough for me.


And win a well deserved POTY.


Kerry Monaghan called off


Galway 1.3 to 0.2 up on Mayo after 18 minutes. Cracking goal.


Great finish that. Galway 4 up


Mayo still persisting with Caff at full back

When will they ever learn


Interestingly, he who shall not be named was on the ball for a free and passed it up to McLoughlin who slotted it over


Durcan is a lovely footballer. Very underrated


In fairness it was for a left footer

Loftus is offering them nothing inside


In the past he’d be taking them though


Anyone with Sky or Virgin , is tg4 in HD ?


On sky it is yeah


Oh ok , I find their picture isn’t great in standard definition.


St. Noname at it again


Surely that was a black card for Cillian for blocking the run of the full back.


Jesus christ if you seen some of these efforts at shooting in Division 10 you’d be giving out


It’s dreadful stuff so far