Allianz Football League (NFL Divisions 2 and 3) 2018


I’ll have a read of this later !
I still stand by what I said though :blush:


Or equally you could say we have.


Why ?, is it not better from a Dublin supporters view, that more Leinster counties such as Meath improve.


Roscommon have settled a lot better now. Horrific start for them.


Is that 7 or 8 unanswered points for Roscommon in 15 minutes, some comeback.


Oooh Noo

Mc Hales D-Fence is getting torn a new one !


I’m thinking cream egg every time the ball goes in the rossie square


Not them.


:joy::joy::joy: I get yeah.


I’m back ! Just out of interest here . Do you think I’m taking anything away from our achievements by me saying we have better footballers rather than saying we are a better team ?

And also that Kerry & Tyrone were in transition .

And Mayo can’t get the job done .

I’ve separated these out now

And this part now is completely separate from the above . Would you have any player from those 3 teams in ahead of ours . Now , I know , there might be a few obvious ones . But if that opposite player was better than ours in each position . Surely they would have had more success against us .

The last point is probably complete bollix because lots of factors obviously are involved in winning a match but I’d be interested in your opinion on it . Like a fantasy gaa .
I wouldn’t have any player from Kerry replacing any of ours .
From mayo , yeah Keegan would obviously start , Harrison & Higgins would probably too .
From Tyrone , I’d have Mattie Donnelly . I also have a gra for Peter Harte .

But that’s about it . And ya know what , I’d still trust our guys to do the job , which they have done . I’m still not totally sold on Davy Byrne , I’m probably too hard on him because he’s had some difficult matchups in the past . And I know I talked alot smack about Johnny Cooper in the past but I think he’s a wonderful player & no way would I swap him for all the tea in China . Fitzy too . Small has developed into a fine player & Cian & Jamsey need no critique.

So , I think we have better footballers .


Ehhhhhhhh, I posted a big piece a few posts back defending why Dublin have proven themselves so good the past few years. In response to your original post. I’m still baffled as to what you’re asking me. Read my tips.




Just want to make the point, if your taking a player from another county and putting him into the Dublin team, you will have to consider that they won’t get a free pass from media or ref. and will be held to a much higher standard. In that scenario the players you choose need to be the nearest to unremarkable as pos.


C o c is pretty unremarkable :laughing:


Slightly less tedious than saying ‘read my post’ yet again…or less tedious than my posts.


Ah no , don’t sell yourself short like that :laughing:


You have the sang-froid of a person who’s been on the beer. I’m sober and at work. Allegedly.


No , actually I’m quite coherent ( none of yours jokes ! ) I had three beers earlier today .That’s all .
I assume you work nights ?
I worked nights for 9 years & have never been able to shake it so when I’m off I actually have beers late at night . I’m on my first now .