Allianz Football League (NFL Divisions 2 and 3) 2018


Jesus , brain dead stuff , that early into a game :triumph:


Does Ricey think he’s George Best or something ?


No marking for the goal


I presume the other Quigley up front is a brother of himself ?


That goal may have Armagh out of sight .


Hard to watch …


Late drama here maybe


Fermanagh still in this game just a goal in it, considering how poor They have been


Last chance now


Ah the kick wide by Quigley when he should of dropped it in for goal chance


Pity it was decided by that goal .


More silverware for McGeaney , just imagine what he could have done with county like Kildare …


Congrats @Rufus_T_Firefly :blush:


Armagh were really poor and Fermanagh done everything required to make sure they looked worse.




If pizza man hadnt had an early shower it might have been a different story .


Really like the Dublin touch, Horan handing over the cup. Kinda of like giving the dubs consent :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I don’t know, running out with position straight into a crowd till you fell and got a free with no one moving for options and resorting to kicking it wide. Then when Armagh had possession your incapable of making a good tackle. Think tacticly Fermanagh have a lot of learning to do


Is that his second or third league won to add to his O’Byrne Cup titles? :slight_smile:


He probably enjoyed the earlier one more - his Dad was a Laois man!