Allianz Football League (NFL Divisions 2 and 3) 2018


Carlow continually shooting themselves in the foot even though they are mostly dominating. Laois just have a bit more composure.


I didn’t see our game with Carlow last year but going by this , how the ■■■■ did we struggle at times ? Did they play a blanket or something ?


Carlow again miss a goal and Laois clear their line. Still think theirs a goal in this for Carlow but love of God can’t score a point.
I was at the Carlow game think it was more we went down to their level rather than playing our game, seem to remember the ref and in particular one of his linesmen did their utmost to make it a game for Carlow


Free taking by Carlow …:unamused:


Yeah , heard about that


Could be a good finish to this


Substitution just made, the lad brought on is getting his first run out this year


Bad free to give away by Carlow


Carlow bringing on legs, Was it a free ? Soft.


Need a goal now


Fair play to Ross Munnelly , 35 years young & still going .


That should be it now for Laois


5 points in it now, Laois seem to have done enough


Laois keeper get man of the match ?


Didn’t hear that . Laois looking forward to bringing their unbeaten run into the champo, stand clear and wait for the drama.


Well he probably played the ball more than anyone else. If he does that against a better team he will conceded goals.

Overall Carlow had more than enough opportunity to win that game, but they lacked the composure to do so.


He’s gone for an early pizza today


Out walking the mutt , sent off ?


Black. It was blatant, he hit an Armagh player after they had played the ball. Straight in front of the ref.