All things Xmas!


All this time and I never knew Lester Bangs posted on here :wink:


In blue? Looks like someone in a burqa swigging from a bottle!


Hey, I got named checked in a Ramones song. Not too shabby ! :wink:


The main thing is nobody has commented on the jumper…


…or the threads hanging off it…


Or the blue bag hanging from the sleeve …


That point of Christmas where you are so sick of biscuits that you resolve to eat them all in one sitting just to get it over with.


…and the murderous rage that fills you when you open the tin of USA and some evil basturd has eaten the jelly off the small, roundy chocolate one. There’s a special place in hell for those hoors ! :rage::rage::rage:


Lemons’ box of Christmas sweets, the one with the old-school Santy on the front, and the shiney/glossy label. One year it would be green, the next red, the next blue. Far and away the best sweeties and toffees I ever made myself sick with.