All things Xmas!


Reminds of something my mate would do…


Love d’aul Chrimbo meself. However, my father buried his mother on Christmas Eve, when he was only 22. A few years later, his brother (and only sibling) dropped dead of a heart attack on December 27th. My dad deliberately didn’t come to the phone, when his brother rang on Stephen’s night (the way he did every year) to have a very drunk, very maudlin mope about how sad it was to bury your mother on Christmas Eve. Dad told my mother to tell his brother he was out, as he just wasn’t in the mood for such a phone call. His brother was dead himself 12 hours later.

Needless to say, my Dad wasn’t the biggest fan of Christmas. He was a lovely man. He just found Xmas very hard to get through. So I don’t judge people who loath Xmas. You just never know what might have happened in their lives, to make them feel that way.

Lecture over, you shower of judgemental bastids. Now pass the tin of Roses on over this way. There bloody well better be a few of the big purple ones left !


The ever decreasing Roses. Kids are wot makes Xmas.


Spot on. I love the excitement in the house in the lead up to the big day and the morning, looking at their faces. I’ve missed a couple of them over the years having to work etc, but when I am there for them, it’s absolutely priceless. All my nephews and nieces are past the excitement stage, so all my siblings are mad keen to see my brats on Christmas Day to have the “what did Santa bring you” conversation with them. I love it myself. Have my favourite hymn and film and Chrimbo song, dying to put the tree up etc. Love this time of year!


Very true prouddub! I love Christmas but I hate Henry street in the lead up to Christmas. I have reasons that are very personal to me. But every year as it gets near Christmas, it’s torture. Brings back a load of bad memories, soon washed away though come new year. But yer right everyone has a reason. feck that roses lark, quality street all the way.


S’ok boss. If I was the annoying bawlocks selling the Cheeky Charlies on Henry St, I’d hate the bloody place too. :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face:


Will you get back and post, the cost and quality if you them cheers :+1:


Anyone know where I’d get 50 MO and 51 MO reg plates? It’s for a vintage car I have …


Looking forward to this Christmas especially as it will be my first as a father. Completely different spin on it for me this year. I used to be in work every 2nd one and it didn’t bother me a whole lot, once I was off for the piss up on Stephens’ day. Gonna dig out the old traditions I enjoyed myself as a nipper, might even check if the Moving Crib is still open!
Fair enough hes too young to have a clue whats going on, but Im not! :slight_smile:
Mind you it’s just aswel he doesnt with the clobber she has for him!


Moving Crib opens on the 11th. Walked past it last night & they had a sign up.


Anyone ever do the Diffney Christmas Quiz?
I like No 39!!!


Can you give us a few answers to try work out what the hell the idea of it is!


Look at the first one… they give the answer…

No. 66: U,M,L,C the 4 P
Ans: Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht, the 4 Provinces.


One of me fave Christmas toons.


Another seasonal favourite of mine…


New boozer just opened in Dun Laoghaire in run up to Christmas. Called ‘Bar’


Came home yesterday to find this had been delivered in the post.
Best Christmas card ever!


Best Christmas card EVER !

Big buladh bos to whoever sent you that.


The novelty of the food is what I miss more about xmas nowadays and when I was a kid, Christmas was the only time of the year you got to eat and drink certain substances in more or less abundance, it was a wonderfully sickening experience to be bloated on the couch on Christmas afternoon waiting for family visits and thinking I can’t eat any more, but yet waiting for the chance to attack the tin of biscuits or knock back a glass of Taylor Keith and then the Ma came in with pudding and fresh cream, add to that the Turkey sandwiches in the days after. They weren’t better days, just different.


What’s a Catalan Christmas like, bigP? Big meal on Christmas Eve or is Christmas Day the big deal? Is tge Epiphany bigger there than in Ireland?