All things Xmas!


Poor lad couldn’t do a croke park from the 50’s though for Mayo to relive the big days.

But a mayo family did win the prize though, fair play.


So mayo won something this year


So did you watch the toy show last night? I must admit I got a lump in my throat when I saw the soldier moment. Really good TV!


Didn’t see it .What was the soldier moment ?


A young boy and girl (brother and sister) were demonstrating a limbo dancing toy, and they mentioned their dad was soldier on a 6 month tour of duty and wasn’t coming home until January. And low and behold, they were asked to open a large gift and out popped their dad, who was released early from his tour by defence forces on request of the Late Late. It was a genuinely touching moment, even Tubridy himself got very emotional about it. It was a wonderful Christmassy moment!

EDIT: Here you go…


Excellent :blush:


A good moment but Christ I find turbridy hard to watch for more than two minutes. Kids enjoyed it though and where bolloxed going to bed


Had the Nursery Christmas party this morning. Good fun for the kids. Followed by the Maraga Na Nollag in Scoil Mobhi where Santa came in in a fire truck. Great craic.

Went to get a burger though and they were all gone. Rochey had been there previously. The big feckin hunga!


His name isn’t Santa is it.


Why didn’t Tubridy let the kids rip it open? Spoilsport.


I generally like Christmas and most things associated with it. Some ads are plain ridiculous, though - especially some of those focused on perfumes, etc.

Love this ad, however…


In 3 weeks time it’ll be Boxing Day.


Are you Arlene Foster in dusguise?




Any idea where I could get 15D and 16 D SAM reg plates please ?


Any good motor factors will do it for you, Where do you live?


Artane. Hadn’t thought if that. Thanks Rochey !


Off to Consort with you so


When I lived in London had a mate from Newry who couldn’t stand Christmas.
Every Christmas Eve he would make a massive load of sandwiches & take them to bed along with 2 bottles of whiskey. Wouldn’t surface until again until December 27th.


Jesus thats dark!