All Things Positive


Some aul lad tried to get a pic with Des Cahill. I had a bottle of Corona in his hand that he put around Des’s shoulder and ended up tipping it over him without even noticing. Des was none impressed!



dead to me now. :rofl:


I’m sure his tan kept everyone warm.


So I was down in wickla doing a delivery yesterday just outside Rathnew,and this lad seen the Dub flag in the truck and came over and started talking about the final.
So he started the usual begrudging culchie sh1te, ah the ref this,the ref that!
So I said to him,if he didn’t like the refs decisions he should’ve kidnapped the ref and locked him in the boot of a car like they normally do!!
He paused,smirked,muttered something and walked away!!
Yesssss, result, :joy::joy:


QOTY contender



John Price was the ref. Happened in Baltinglass.




She missed that one for seven …


Went to see 'postcards from the ledge ’ at the gaiety last night , thought it was absolutely brilliant , Rory Nolan - who plays Ross ocarroll Kelly - got 3 standing ovations at the end .


Remember him in Fair City , he’s what you’d picture Ross in real life .


Wonder what attracted her to the multi millionaire Mick Jagger :thinking::thinking:


He is one creepy fucker !!!


Old enough to be her Grandad


Old enough to be Noor Alfallah …:grin:


That is QOTW material right there.


There were five dogs in the Gravediggers bar at one stage last night. Great to see. Tourists, dogs, conversation and great pints, the place is a National treasure.


Did you see the video that is doing the rounds on one of the competition?


No, is it on Youtube?