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What exactly did he do anyway? Something about women shouldn’t be walking home by themselves if they dont want to get raped?

He reminds me of a cross of the father in law from Cork and a well known harps man who would be known to say whatever he wants and not give a fook what anyone thinks or who he upsets


Cork if I’m not mistaken


Said some young one who was raped, shouldn’t have gone back to a hotel room with some bloke she just met (she was raped by the blokes friend) as she was putting herself in potential danger.

The only person who is at fault is the bloke who raped her at the end of the day.

talk show hosts argue both sides of the argument and play the devils advocate - hook has form regarding past comments on rape.

Not a fan of hook , but not a fan of the witch hunt that has set upon him since either


It was a rhetorical question.


Oops :grimacing:


Well in that context its not the worst thing I have heard, for the amount of coverage its getting anyway


Its sensible advice however no woman should be going out the door with the fear of being raped in the back of her mind.

The previous comment was in relation to a couple where the bloke raped the woman and hook said the fact they shared a bed was implied consent in his book.


At best it was shock jocking with something you don’t shock jock about. You really need to hear the comments to make up your mind. I heard two women talk about it this morning and one kind of sided with Hook. I think he was 100% wrong in what he said and the way he handled the subject.

Not mad about the witch hunt but that’s the society we live in and Mr Hook has cheer led many a witch hunt …


Massive kick in the balls to his ego though .For him to apologize like that must have killed him.


After 20 years and a journey of eight billion kilometres, the spacecraft Cassini
has fallen silent following its planned crash into Saturn today.
The photo shows part of the spacecraft in the top left and Saturn’s rings across the top.
Planet Earth is indicated by the arrow!


Deadly, love that shit.

Excellent new (Irish made?) documentary on Voyager out now, check it out.


It’ll never take off.


That effort crashed and burned.


That reminds me of the Kerry defence.


Yerra… Ye…yerra…can’t…yerra…say…yerra…I… yerra… didn’t…yerra…warn… yerra. ye.


All Ireland champions 3 years in a row

'Nuff said :+1:


Hows the head today???


Not too bad tbh but glad I’m off work.

Ended up at a gig in Vicar Street last night so finished up early enough.

Did you go over to say hello to Bart outside the Palace?


I was home and all by 9.30. Bed early. Didnt stop the crocodile rolls at 3am though!

Was Bart the lad with the tattoo? Trying to get into everyone’s photos with the fake SAM?


Bernard Flynn was there too. I might get barred from Res Dubs for saying this but I enjoyed the few minutes chat with him.