All Things Positive


Ah I know, it’s just a shame that they’re now outline that road up again after God knows how long the worked on it. If only this country could do road maintenance properly…


Much as I dislike keegan, the work & planning for this goes back long before he got the job.

What all of the outraged on the interweb neglect to mention is that the road was flooded from the monsoon conditions, looks like the offender may have been directed onto the cycle path to avoid the worst of it.


That’s exactly what happened as the road was flooded on saturday.

It wasn’t just some random driver going down the cycle path.


So he wasn’t a cyclopath then?


Quite long-winded but still funny.


Just watched it. Got Boycott real good :rofl:




Narcos - season 3 starts Friday Netflix . Says it’s available today in the papers .


If its the Irish Times I wouldn’t believe it .




Good luck to anyone on here who has kids getting their Jnr Cert results today . Hopefully they do well and keep the head whatever happpens . Tranquillo , tranquillo … ( Narcos S3 is over - but watching it again :roll_eyes:


Kids??? I’d say half the posters here are awaiting results themselves … :grin:


Defo the Yerras should start training here…


Big Fat George suspended by Newstalk.


Wonder will he be sacked or are they waiting for this blow over .


I think he’ll be sacked in the end. Prospect of losing further $$$$ from the sponsors will ensure that


No way back. No loss. Neantherdal.


Succinctly put.


What county is he from again?


That’s the least of his issues.