All Things Positive


How low can Nigel go… a Jack Russell?


A shitzu? Chihuahua?




Give blood if you a get a chance . Eat loads of crap afterwards and still feel good .Whats not to like ?


Fair play to this judge.


On legal matters … 7 senior counsels (and probably junior and solicitors too) on free legal aid scheme for Jobstown trial expected to last for 6 weeks … :flushed:


with the exemption of the sitting TD - don’t see anything wrong with this - a farce of a trial




It’s the likes of this lad that I feel sorry as well as the victims obviously.

Tarred with the same brush is something that we will witness far too much over the next few days.


He’s Sikh, not Muslim…
But I have heard of Muslim taxi drivers also offering help.


[quote=“beeko, post:111, topic:196”]
He’s Sikh, not Muslim…
[/quote]That proves the point I’m making, the local racist thug or the gobshite on twitter won’t know the difference…


Someone made a great point earlier. There will have been Muslim Doctors, Muslim Nurses,Muslim Poilce Officers and Muslim Taxi drivers all helping out last nights far more representative of Muslims yet racist knuckledraggers will use the actions of the few to tar them all with the same brush


I’m sure they had the same view of Irish people in the 70s and 80s


Yup and it resulted in the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four


[quote=“dcr22B, post:112, topic:196, full:true”]

It happened in NYC after 9/11.


Well played that man!


What a complete cock head


Obviously what he did was dumb and unjustifiable but I do think that you old pal Keegan in DCC added much more width than it’s worth…


A complaint your lady in waiting never had to make!! Fnarr


Seriously though, it took nothing off the road width, and there are often large groups using that path on their way to Howth, I thought it was brilliantly done if I’m honest.