All Things Positive


wonder if she films every kid who comes up to sell her shit on the streets


@Bosco you big fecking killjoy ye :laughing:


it’s a really good impression considering she’s a woman.


An early evening pint in a favoured city centre drinking emporium, and I just saw a young phone thief on a bike getting clotheslined by a passing citizen. Phone returned to rightful owner.

Time to tackle this pint.



Excellent work from that citizen


Pint supping is a sure sign of a civic minded Dub.


Was it you Chokser Daly?


Was the thief arrested?
Regardless, you’d imagine there’s lots of CCTV in the area, would make great viewing if it was caught on camera.


Not the thief, the hero-citizen, nor the screaming would-be victim… A mere bit-part player in the whole affair, was I.

I was poised in the second line of defence, further down the street, ready to pounce when my time came. However, the clothesline was administered so efficiently that there was nothing left but to return to my peacetime stance and continue my journey in search of stout.



Brilliant . And you should never kick every dog that barks…


But certainly kick it, if it’s trying to bite yer nads off. Because that will make you sad.


Fucking hell. I know the Kerry accent is strong but this is on another level :joy:


Myself and the missus were in tears laughing at that piece, may as well have been talking swahili!


Where’s the button for subtitles ? I got one or two words - moony night or moonlit night ? Hate to hear him when he’s had a few !


Anyone here afraid of heights?


Yes but I’ve got to hate the Daily Mail too much to have a gawk!


Here ya go then. :grinning:


Weird watching that , not sure I’d enjoy that