All Things Positive


Sugar and lemon juice, all the way. Old school, just as it should be. None of this new fangled Nutella and marshmallows crap !


Do you want fries with that?


And some haunted bread please ( as her man from Rubberbandits called it )


Genius idea !

This country is sorely lacking drive in thru facilities, for people whose need for a cheeky latte, absolution, or a burrito, is badly hampered by their crippling inability to parallel park.


Healy Raes pushing for drive-in pubs down Kilgarvan way .,.


No biggie.

Texas has drive thru liquor and guns shops.

The Healy-Rae’s may be on to something. :laughing:


Guns and Liquor together what could possibly go wrong…



Oh, Lordy…


Don’t have to listen Ryle Nugent anymore.

The little things…


That’s a must have for the road trips !


He’ll be back before you know it. Rugby is almost all year round now with tours and Heinous Cups and Lions and … oh God, make it stop!


Ralph Keyes … cheerio . How bad can TV3 be ? Find out after this short …


Matt Cooper will be presenting for starters. TV3’s coverage will be fucking awful as usual. Will be watching the games on BBC and ITV


Who’s doing the main course?


Not to sure but cake curran is on desserts.


Kilkenny SFC is at the semi final stage - that’s the way to run a championship :smirk:


The Guards. Gas.

There's a touch of Flann O'Brien to these surreal Garda stories -- like they've invented this mad other world in which they're always busy.

— Declan Lynch (@declynchwriter) March 25, 2017


good story


The penny drops …but he still counts the boxes !