All Things Positive


Some training sessions there :smiley:


Give them umbrellas.


Winning euromillions ticket for €88m tonight sold in Ireland!


Yeah - it was me. See yis much much later. It’s been great fun.



Another resser ?


No sign of DCR since :cold_sweat:


It wasnt really in Lusk though, it was in the Apple Garage on the M1, which means it could be anyone from Newry to Wexford and beyond really

They are selling petrol today for 88.5 per liter. Fair play to them, but the queues are mind boggling. OK so I wake up this morning and hear that the petrol is 45 cent cheaper than normal, so I check the car, OK, its half full. SO do I drive to the garage, 10 mins from my house, sit in a queue for another half an hour and another 10 min drive home

Car tank capacity is 66 litres
Half is 33 * 45 cent is a savings of €14.85. Take away the cost of getting there and back in fuel and your probably hour time spent. Is it really worth it that the queues are out along the M1?? How many peoples cars were that lwo on fuel today for it to make sense??


Yes Harper … but how many of them have your mathematical genius and clear analytical skills to strip away the hype and make that decision on a pure cost benefit basis? I would venture that the answer would be approximately the amount of cars in the locale and passing - minus those pictured.

ps Are there any last minute opportunistic signs urging them to spend their savings on the best chicken wings in Nth Co Dublin?


Don’t be so ridiculous, as if they would fall for that…

texts manager to get it on facebook asap


Only €8.85 a pop! :wink:


Sumptuous they are! Will be out soon!


Excellent choice of name :clap:



Best of luck with the new venture Beeko.


They’re never straightforward in Phibsborough…I blame the parents


Where there’s muck, there’s brass(ers).


Apparently all the staff wear ref outfits.


Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday for the bretheren

so what you having on yours ? Lemon ,Sugar, Maple ?

Or its all a balls and I’ll stick to chocolate biscuits …


Sugar and Butter :yum:


Sugar and lemon juice for me