All Things Positive


Just feeling really good, a lot of it is down to last Saturday, and the brilliant win by our Inters on Wednesday and the anticipation of Sunday’s game against Brigids. Just love this time of year!


Not quite sure where to post this and it hardly merits a thread of its own…
Anyway, I can find Fintan O’Toole a bit wishy-washy at times, but I think he’s bang on the money here.


So they are involved in the GAA and wont be able to take a holiday until Autumn due to commitments. So if they were involved in Dublin they would be saying September, must be a Vincent’s man??

Fair play to them anyway


O Tooles man by all accounts I’ve heard


Massive congrats.

We at the Res Dubs Admin team thank him for his generous donation to the Christmas Fund.


They might get a few more of those senior hurlers they were advertising for now :slight_smile: :wink:


A referee I heard


Had to laugh at those comments by the husband . Yeah , I’ll continue to work my 9-5 government job while there’s €11 million euro resting in my bank account acrueing interest :joy::joy:. Fair play to them but I reckon those plans will change sharpish . I assume they don’t get it all in one lump sum ? Don’t the lottery assist them with advisors on what to do with the money ?


They do.


No surprise there as the winner is a site member here.

A big congrats to him.


He was always my favourite poster …


Christ , I thought they did in staggered payments so ya don’t do anything too stupid with the money . That family is set up now for generations to come .


The Yanks give the option of staggered payments or a reduced lump sum. Here, take the cheque and leave.


Morning all, solstice day , well according to the lovely lady on the BBC, it is .
Sure we’ll all notice the stretch in the evenings and we won’t know what to do with ourselves :scream:


Shortest day indeed, but sunset time has been getting later (by mere seconds each day) since around the 15th Dec, oddly enough.


It has, but sunrise time was later too!


And continues to be until later this month.


Jaysus , youse two sound like bank managers


Is that a euphemism for w@nker?