All Things Positive


I do chás, beidh me ag tiomáint Iomaint go dti iomáint …


Loike totes go maith gwaylgah!!


When I was going out for my chilly promenade stroll this morning at 8.30, I was passing lots of primary school kids on their way to Belgrove Girls School, and all their costumes were super-AMAZING. It wasn’t just the homemade/designer costumes par-se, BUT the accompanying makeup! Their mothers must have been up at 6.30 getting to work on them. I genuinely reckon the mothers of these kids must’ve been planning for this day since August.


I’d say your ankle tag was burning the leg off you!


Is Roman your real name?


No his butlers !


MO’M is, and always was a class act, end of.