All Things Positive


So you were emailing the wrong guy huh?


No wonder I couldn’t get tips on men’s facial hair trimmers until today.


Some punch on him. He knocks the first lad out cold



I don’t get it Guy - what has Trump done wrong to the dog?


Legend doesn’t do him justice.


Not a fan … too much Yerraness going on all the time …


Ah he gets a free pass. He was born long before Yerra was even invented.


Maybe he invented it …


He is a truly lovely gentleman, always very complementary of the Dublin set up before and after our recent success. He is a true old school gent.

But, yeah. He is from Kerry!


He is abseiling down the edge of a cliff at the ripe old age of 88. Not giving out about our “resources” or Jim Gavin not turning cartwheels for da meeja. I think I can forgive him (and him alone) for being born in Kerry.

Jesus. Tough crowd. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What’s positive is @ProudDub not being paranoid about a member of the KOTF :wink:


Yes indeedy. It is very unlike me. I’ll freely admit that. :smile:


True Gentleman.


Positive ageing is right. Nice little earner I’d say …


And you’d know I suppose Grandpa? :older_man:


Ageism!! Infamy!


RTE is a poorer service without him.
As @Rochey has said, always complimentary towards Dublin.
In addition, he is incredibly knowledgeable of all the players without giving boring details.


Teeet from Damien O’Meara this morning @Roman

There’s two girls gone into my daughter’s school dressed as avocados. That is peak Clontarf.


You should hear some of the children’s names. The mummies try so hard to be different and to out-do each other. I’m surprised nobody has chosen Avocado…
Yet! ( Love, it’s your turn to drop Almond up for her Hurley practice. I’ve got to drop Avocado over to Clematis’ house for a play-date.)