All Things Positive


So you were emailing the wrong guy huh?


No wonder I couldn’t get tips on men’s facial hair trimmers until today.


Some punch on him. He knocks the first lad out cold



I don’t get it Guy - what has Trump done wrong to the dog?


Legend doesn’t do him justice.


Not a fan … too much Yerraness going on all the time …


Ah he gets a free pass. He was born long before Yerra was even invented.


Maybe he invented it …


He is a truly lovely gentleman, always very complementary of the Dublin set up before and after our recent success. He is a true old school gent.

But, yeah. He is from Kerry!


He is abseiling down the edge of a cliff at the ripe old age of 88. Not giving out about our “resources” or Jim Gavin not turning cartwheels for da meeja. I think I can forgive him (and him alone) for being born in Kerry.

Jesus. Tough crowd. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What’s positive is @ProudDub not being paranoid about a member of the KOTF :wink:


Yes indeedy. It is very unlike me. I’ll freely admit that. :smile:


True Gentleman.


Positive ageing is right. Nice little earner I’d say …


And you’d know I suppose Grandpa? :older_man:


Ageism!! Infamy!


RTE is a poorer service without him.
As @Rochey has said, always complimentary towards Dublin.
In addition, he is incredibly knowledgeable of all the players without giving boring details.