All Things Positive


Has there been anything more positive than this …

KERRY 0-11


I have renewed belief in the modern day teens after witnessing something over the last couple of months. Faith in humanity has been resurrected! Not going into specifics, but these kids come from a broad spectrum of our locality and they truly are a fantastic bunch! Feeling very positive for the future!


Not even a few details?

I’ve never given up on hope.


You after watching the Dublin u16s train again :wink:


A sad story but, hopefully, some sort of comfort and closure for the family. I know @mayoman referred to this last summer.


May the Fourth be with you…


Deadly !


Alderaan flight cancelled? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




Nerds is right… though check out these die hards… down in Ciarai. Though I think yer man should be called Bobba Fat…



We’re not the nerds you’re looking for?



delighted with this from a personal point of view.


I’m not sure where to put this but just wanted to share it. He is such a bright and decent human being.


Up at the national sports centre at the family sports day event brilliant!


Just back from it. Was a brilliant day! Eric Lowndes (or was it Dermo) up there with Sam. Fiona Hudson there too.


The young lad got a great pic with him. Erics a real nice chap.



Why is the @TheParish on your man’s avatar???

I remember Richard reading the news …


I think I have recollection of him presenting classical music shows, also.
For years, I thought he was gay but it was his contemporary, Kenneth Kendall, who was.