All Things Positive


She looks frozen… you could offer to keep her warm.


Unless she slips :joy:


Love this. Love old school hand painted signage sometimes the sign painter would add little quirkes to the typography. For all you typography nerds! :+1:t6:


May be of interest to @Rochey & @25AliveOh


Where did you get that ?


I don’t have one , that’s just a snap from the page .
I joined a group on facebook ages ago & it popped up on their page today .
Page : Tribute to old Ballymun

Had some good friends who grew up in the flats back in the day




For some reason my shoes always end up in me getting static build up in the local dunnes. Today to avoid getting shocks from the trolly and the shelves and the bloody doors to the freezers I got my son to use them.

I went to smell a bloody plant and got a shock to the nose.

(the thread is called all things positive…)


Back in my J1 days in the sunny states I was unloading a van and had my top off. Managed to get a static shock through my … nipple


Ya sure that was immigration control zapping ya to check your j1 credentials? :grin:


Bit dodgy wearing those clamps when you’re working …


Hopefully this isn’t the last. The other two fuckers are still in the States but have the FBI on their tails so hopefully won’t be too much longer.


Another one of the fuckers lifted this evening




On a lighter note…

Is there any doubt he’s the greatest of all time?


He’s something else alright.

On a connected note, Salah’s movement is very similar to Messi’s.


I hope his movement is not similar to Mascherano’s, Coutinho’s and Suarez’s :wink:


Excellent news.

Looking at 40 years in Prison given it’s a Garda he murdered


Sweet Justice

Raised the price of a HIV drug by 5,000% (Not a typo)

Hope he enjoys his new home for the next 7 years fuckin shitbag :tada:


Heard about him before , scumbag .