All Things Positive


You’ve never been to the blacker


First rule of Blacker club etc…


The Blacker is more a way of being. Or not being, whichever way you choose to look at it.


Is… always be carrying??


Gardai raised the building, so they must have something to do with it…


Wonder could rte make a series about this person , our very own Gil Grissom

“Gardaí were helped in their examination of the scene by a scientist from Forensic Science Ireland, who helped them secure and identify the toxic materials.”


Least of this fuckers crimes but it’s something and it’s always nice to the fall of fellas like this


It’s nice when they net an yahoo.


Anybody see this Falcon Heavy launch yesterday .
Pretty amazing to see . If your wondering what was expected to happen here’s a short animation of what the flight would looked like . And it went pretty much as predicted except for the landing of the central core .

Press conference


I will go and see this. Simon Delaney, yeah I can dig that. Now Get out of me way ye dozy bollix


good girl sharen, that was A1


Great choice for Dessie Curley. Delaney is defo someone you could picture playing him


This is class :laughing:


Kilkenny’s Craig Breen finishing 2nd on this weekend’s Rally Sweden (Round 2 of the 2018 World Rally Championship), a great result for him after a frustrating opening round in Monte Carlo.

If that car of his improves as the year progresses, his maiden win may be on the cards.


Great acceptance speech here from John Connors after winning an IFTA


That’s a quality acceptance speech.




Jennifer Lawrence is looking well


That photo, and others from the promo shoot, have been in the news…


Knew it was her choice to wear that. Lawrence strikes me as a lady who isn’t pushed around easily. Didn’t stop certian people jumping to conclusions though