All Things Positive


Wonderful picture , I wonder had she a clue who he was :joy:. Good to see the follow-up .


Great post.

If the Irish Independent was running that story, they’d label him as some B-list, celeb’s husband.


A wino after getting off the bus, clearly only awake: Where the f*ck am I??


Wino: where the f*ck is that?

Me: Dublin 4, out past RTE.

Wino: ah jaysus, I wanted to get off on O’Connell St.


“A wino”? Careful. The PC brigade will be after you!


Sorry, I clearly meant to say ‘a gentleman who tipples’.


It was Joxer Tommy, wan’t It?


A mirror image of Bang Bang!


Boozers can now open on Good Friday


And not before time.

Mattie McGrath saying it was the only day that publicans could carry out renovations, FFS. They can still choose to close that day, if they wish. Or they can open and carry out the renovation on a cold, dark, wet Monday in January instead of Good Friday. Those who wish to still have a religious abstinence on Good Friday won’t be frog-marched into their local for a gallon of beer.


Was at the Ireland Switzerland game 2 years ago on Good Friday and just wasn’t the same not being able to have my few pints of porter before the game. Alcohol was on sale inside Lansdowne but it as always tastes shite from a plastic cup


Apologies to thise delicate souls who won’t appreciate the link to this rag…

Social Welfare thieves who steal from all of the law abiding, tax paying, hard working people of Ireland…not to mention take away from those homeless and waiting on hospital trolleys etc that need it most…should all be banged up and made to repay what theyve taken illegally by way of community service!!!


Other news sources are available…


The new Paddy’s day, everybody will be belubas.


It’s going to make Gangs of New York look like a Barry Manilow gig.


Why? Likely to be just another Friday now. A lot of people work that day. It’s not a public holiday


finally. its here


Sometimes you just have to ask! I’ve had it for years!


I’m going to start a riot just to prove you wrong.


See you at the Blacker.


I’d say most people are off. And baying for an excuse to get smashed in the afternoon, guilt-free.