All Things Positive


Yep, have one of the parents walking past the savoy cinema I think or the Gresham would have to root it out but it’s there all the same. With the advancement of cheaper cameras we have a lot more pictures but most are of the kids growing up very few are of the parents as their usually taking the pics.


There was a great documentary on him a few years ago on RTE


Adios, Mr Mladic.
Rot in hell.


This is brilliant


The statue currently looks like a suicide bom…
better not go there.


Shame he won’t be hanging from the end of a rope. Although having said that it would be too quick for the fucker


Max Clifford dead. Hope it’s nice and toasty for him down below :+1:


Well done lads yiz forced O’Leary to blink :+1:


Inviting them in to talk - ahead of damaging industrial action. Don’t hold your breath.


The board has instructed him.

He’s not long for the job.


The Dubs are back…thanks be to jaysus!



Paul Sorvino played Paulie in Goodfellas

TMZ’s reporter told Sorvino that the DA is apparently ‘making strides’ in the case against Weinstein, to which Paul calmly replied “He’s going to go to jail.”


Good man Paulie.


Aldi’s Tuscan Bacon & Lentil soup is rather delicious.


And now you’ll be wondering why it’s all sold out.


yes it is along with Mexican bean.


I bought a pallet of it in the salez.


Well done the Gardai. Hopefully your mans dole has been stopped too


Jim Jeffries tonight in the 3 arena. Can’t wait. Missed him in 2012 as I was away and have been dying to see him since


That top pic really warms the heart