All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


O Shea play for Dublin???


Apparently in the mid 80s. Not sure what club he was associated with


I am not sure we don’t. Cunningham would have cost a fair bit and they are hardly paying Daly a fortune for mainly underage stuff. But like yourself, I wouldn’t be particularly advocating him, but as a unifying force he could have a place.

But, I think picking managers is really difficult. Most of the counties have managers who came up from within their own ranks really. Davy Fitz is the only real manager for hire out there at the moment. It is very possible that someone without much of a profile could do a very good job. Like Gilroy in the football for instance. My only fear is that we let our inferiority complex get in the way a bit of choosing, like we did with Cunningham. In hindsight, some of the decision making behind him seemed to have been that he has a bit of a profile (and is not a Dub), but not a huge profile that would intimidate the hurlers. Whatever they do, they should just go for it and pick the guy they think is best, be it an unknown or a well known guy. Just make a call and go for it, if you go for a compromise candidate, as it seems Cunningham was, you get, well, the likes of Cunningham


O Shea might have been with Faughs
Only played a couple times for Dublin in mid 80s


A strike would never have worked in Dublin Hurling. Look where it has worked - Offaly Hurling, Galway Hurling, Mayo Football, Cork Hurling. The big sport in those counties.

if the Dublin Hurlers or the Tipp footballers went on strike nobody the local radio phone in shows certainly wouldnt be swamped with people raging about it. it would be doomed to fail, be broken quickly and the fallout even worse.

like i said above, you need someone who understands where we are, doesnt look down on us and is ready to be realistic but demanding of the county board. After that comes the team around that person (who you would imagine would share the same outlook). Having the panel onside is a major thing these days as well, of course, but we should not allow them have a veto but an input.


i would actually argue it hasn’t worked in Mayo…they may have evicted the managers but they havent improved their station in the championship. Arguably they havent played well since the 2015 semi final


well, by “worked” i mean the team got what they wanted and the county board backed down.


understood, i get you


Nobody suggested “Daly is the answer”, some of us suggested he could be a good temporary option to build bridges etc, IF he was available and IF willing. Funnily enough I think EOS could be a good idea to follow up on. But I think whoever gets the job needs to be somebody who was also looking for it.


I don’t think Daly would be a good option, short or long term and I don’t think it’s realistic either. He did a great job for hurling in Dublin while he was here. As has been alluded to already his biggest downfall was his undying loyalty to the same lads. Looking at his team selections some lads good do no wrong and some no right under him. The guys who are no longer on the panel that he would appeal to I think are mainly the ones who are passed it now or close to it. Realistically, the 2 Schuttes, Nolan, Sutcliffe and Durkin are about the only ones who could come back in my view. McCaffrey, Boland, lambert, Carton, Keaney wouldn’t start in my view. Paul Ryan maybe worth another look. I dunno what’s going on with P.kelly so won’t include him.
Daly left because he wasnt interested in the rebuild job he was leaving behind.


I think Daly should leave his legacy intact . He had some bad days but we had some great days too
I think a combination of Kenny and Fortune is the way forward with Kenny in charge


Sounds like a great combination on paper.

think Dalo is a great bit of stuff (as he’d say himself) but not sure he’s the answer. He would get everyone back on board I’m sure, which would be a good start, but not sure he ever really got our attack motoring consistently. Would take him anyday over some of the others mentioned though!


He was with Crumlin.


Kenny and Fortune just makes too much sense.

Obvious choice to me.