All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


Yea where was Maguire?

So this has been going through my head all day. Its 11:15pm here. Here being the boonies of upstate NY. I’ve been here for the past 3 years and as you can imagine the hurling coverage isn’t the greatest. when i was back home I went to all the games, home and away. The replay against Kilkenny in 2013 is one of the sweetest memories I have - better than beating Galway a few weeks later.

I only found this forum in the past month. This is my first post that has any body to it.

What has happened to the team we had in 2013? Its only 4 years ago. Back then you could have argued we were in the top 3 in the country. No one could have denied we were top 5.

Back then I was from a small club in Fingal, located somewhere between the M1 and M2. They wouldn’t know one end of a hurl from the other. There’s one club from my area that actively try to promote hurling(hat tip to the Wild Geese). Unfortunately it wasn’t my local club, which is a shame. My local club, it resembles the movie “Deliverance”, the particular area I’m from. Answers on a postcard. Jameson is great for ranting.

Anywho, heres the team from 2013. Feel free to agree/disagree/fill in the blanks

G Maguire;
Suspension is up? what gives?
Would Alan Nolan come back? axed according to media reports in 2015?

N Corcoran,

  • he’s pushing on a bit now(34/35), but did he have a fall out?
    P Kelly
    -former all star in 2013,still tweets about hurling clearly still has an interest(see tweet 7/7)
  • reportedly dropped last year?
  • would he come back, still only 28ish and a former all star(yeah I’ve said that already but im drinking)
    P Schutte;
  • Now with footballers and not getting a sniff
  • would he come back?

S Hiney,

  • retired - thanks for everything, great hurler
    L Rushe,
  • wasted today at center forward
  • IMO the best hurler we have right now, cracking player
    M Carton;
  • Quit last year, pissed off with GC from what I read.
  • still 32 and a decent hurler

J McCaffrey ©,

  • dropped last year. insane
  • would he come back?
    J Boland;
  • still 29, quit from lack of game time? Thought myself he’d walk into that team today, rose tinted glasses maybe?

C Keaney,
-great hurler, thanks

  • retired,
    R O’Dwyer,
  • still there, good hurler with a great heart
    D Sutcliffe;
  • In NY and reportedly loving life here,
  • would he go back?

D O’Callaghan,

  • pushing on but really should have started today IMO
    P Ryan,
  • said he quit,but wasn’t named in the squad for this year. always got scores, would have been an addition today. still only 28/29
    D Treacy.
  • MOTM today but misused in the second half

add to that
Shane Durkin, opted out
Simon Lambert dropped/fall out with GC/Ger C U Next Tuesday
Then there is the clatter of footballers, Ciaran Kilkenny et al.

Apologies in advance for typos, bad language and formatting. I’ve been drinking heavily


Forgot to add Alan Mc Crabbe to last rant, where is he/what happened?


Welcome. Good rant!


Morning all - is he gone yet?


Probably not gone as yet but our dreams are well and truly gone for this year.
But as Mr Logan said…What’s Another Year?


Best not to post when drinking ! Hence why I waited :joy::joy:
Seriously players in their mid 30s are not the answer here .
The Dublin hurlers are like a tech company that were billed as the next big thing . Only to bomb when floated on the stock exchange
Three key reasons for me

1 - last team in 2013 was allowed get too
old with no young players introduced
2- current management have been awful - ineffective game plan and poor man management .
3- lost all our best young forwards to Gaelic football . You can train backs and midfielders . You can’t train inside forwards who have a natural instinct .

Add that all together and you get this .
I blame all participants . I blame the current management being desperately poor. Dire in fact .
I blame the DCB for not doing something at the end of last year . It was the time to do it quietly
And I blame the players for picking Cunningham over Boland. No way Shay would have a team operating like that


Agree with all that except the Shay Boland bit. The players didn’t want or rate him. He had been beaten by Carlow with 21s also and players just didn’t go for him. Was it right what happened or how it happened no, was it a better choice no but I do know he wasn’t liked which is harsh but true.


Point 1 is where ultimately the great crop we had never progressed. However young lads like Callaghan, Colm Cronin,Danny etc were being used. It just needed 1-2 more.


I also hope this doesn’t turn into a 3/4 month debate and list of the usual candidates. Make a decision and move both to get him out and get someone in.


I wouldn’t mind if they took a bit of time to choose, once they make the call on Cunningham immediately.


No, take their time. Need the right person for the future, not just the right person for now.


Would you all take Cody as manager


He would never have a team in that shape. Every manager has a bad year. U21 is a difficult grade when you’ve already lost your best two forwards to football
Unfortunately the players backed the wrong horse . Some of them paid with their careers for that decision . Celebrity appointments have to have substance too and Cunningham didn’t have a senior inter county track record as a manager


County board should appoint, the players should play.


Would you trust our County board to do anything correct with regards to hurling?


You’d wonder . At the end of last year the DCB should have done something . I’d prefer an independent arbitrator at this point to appoint the next guy


That’s fair. He did have the two best forwards though where as they didn’t play again for any other teams. But yes I agree.


They aren’t hurling at the time and he was under pressure to pick them . Dublin would have beaten Carlow without them that night as neither of the players were hurling fit .

As it happens I don’t know who gets it now or who’d want it . I’d expect more retirements as well regardless of who is put in charge .


Plenty of forums in hillbilly land -and they’re not hurling ones either - taking great delight in that hammering , this one is pretty distasteful


Yeah first steps should be taken sooner rather than later any man with a bit of self awareness or pride would have resigned in the dressing room thanked the lads and then gone out and told the media. Ger obviously didn’t do this and wants to “reflect”. I think Seán Shanley and John Costello have to intervene and bring GC’s term to an end now so the process can begin.

I know people will go on about an independent committee or person advising on the next appointment but in fairness who appointed Anthony Daly or Ger Cunningham. As when Ger was appointed I along with most thought his pedigree was second to none with what he did at club, colleges and intercounty level was what we needed. he has proved to be a disaster, its not all his fault but the vast majority of bad decisions and the rote he took was his own choice…

No matter who is brought in Liam Sheedy, Nicky English or Mattie Kenny much more changes have to take place within Dublin Hurling. The fixing of club matches yesterday was just a small sign of what’s wrong. The fact that many of the best hurlers that came through development panels minor and U21 are now just exclusively playing football is killing Hurling. The relative success of 2011 - 2013 may have given some thought that we could compete at least with young lads interests.

The Unleashing the Blue Wave Strategy for Dublin Gaa was brought out in 2011 to cover the periods of 2011-2017. It was a great outline of how to do things in general terms and assisted greatly in participation rates in traditionally non hurling areas and clubs but it seems to have struggled post primary and with dual players in particular being lost to hurling.

It may be time for a new strategy or plan, it cant all be Ger Cunninghams fault but getting rid of him and starting a fresh may arrest the slide and bring back some optimism.