All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


Thank ■■■■ this season is over. Delegates need to stick it to the DCB over this. They made their point on player power, now let’s get Fortune or someone in who gives a ■■■■, rather than selecting another wanker like that trouser wearing donkey from Cork.


If Ger blames the players, it will hardly be a surprise!


Even if he doesn’t in the media he will be going back to Cork (hopefully) and telling everyone there are no hurlers in Dublin.

Critiqueing the selection etc. Is impossible really, because you end up slating players, and they are not the ones getting the big bucks like Cunningham. But it was all nonscence from start to finish. The only half decent year he had was the first one where he was never done saying he hadn’t put his stamp on things yet. Well he surely has now.

I thought all along we only had to get over this year and next year we would revert. But now I am not too sure, that was some beating today, we are further back then I thought. I can’t think of a more disastrous management term in any county ever. But in other counties it wouldn’t have been let happen, a change would have been made last year when it was shaping up to be bad.

Today’s selection was utter rubbish, we could not have won that game in a million years. It was so bad you would wonder if Cunningham was working to some other agenda, because winning the game was never a runner.


If the Dublin County Board has any decency they would refund the support that got to travel


Is he gone yet?


I was thinking along similar lines myself driving home from work. It won’t be as simple as get the right man in and the old players come running back and slot back in and all is rosey again. You would wonder if any would come back at all. Missing a years intercounty hurling will set them back a lot. You hear if teams being in transition but Dublin hurling is about to enter into a state of recovery, for the next couple of years IMO


And to think that the All Ireland Club Hurling Champions are from Dublin…does that actually mean we have some hurlers in Dublin? Pity they weren’t in Thurles tonight.
The good news is that CCC completed another round of AHL 1-4 tonight…on time and on target. Well done to all concerned.


“My term is up but i’ll have to reflect”

Would you please have the good grace to walk away now cleanly and allow Dublin Hurling begin the process of repairing the damage you have done.Delusional is the kindest word I could use.


Today was a serious low… I left the second game at half time because I just didn’t wanna be there after watching the lads. Depressing…

At half time I thought we where seriously unlucky to be down by 10, 4-5 points would have been about right.

Then after 7 minutes of the second half it was all over.

Dooley’s distribution is a serious concern, he has very little help, but putting it over the line 3 times plus some bad decision making makes me think a change might be best.

Putting Tracey on Breen had a massive negative effect the start of the second half. Tracey had a great start to the game btw.

Someone at the game mentioned to me Rory O’Carroll, what is he at lads, is he playing for Crokes?


Mother of god, the arrogance of it. He makes a complete mess of the job and then has to sit down and think if he wants to grace us with his services next year. Hopefully the DCC will limit his options a bit.

I wonder how much he actually costs?


Connolly went on ahead of McBride I see, crazy stuff. Did McBride look at Cunningham funny or something, he is obviously being punished for something because it is the only explanation for why he is not playing.

A young lad who can’t make the u21 team gets to start the game. Cunningham retires some players still going well but sticks with O Dwyer in every game. Conroy was the main driver behind our only win all year, and he doesn’t get a look in. An All Star keeper and an All star nominated keeper are available and he ignores them for Dooley (who is ok, but he is no Maguire yet). Two kids in the half forward line who are very good, but aren’t even stand out u21s yet. The whole Rushe debacle.

There is no thought process, this is just knee jerk stubbornness. I am sure he is a great guy, but he is doing a piss poor job managing this team. He might have undone the last 10 years of good work. To put things in perspective, Tipp beat us by considerably more then they beat Westmeath.


When it comes to self inflicted mistakes you don’t get much bigger than leaving that langer in the job for three years.

He should be told that he’s walking the plank before tea time tomorrow if he doesn’t jump, maybe that will help him reflect a bit faster.


Standing by your manager is all well and good but this went sour a long time back and Dublin simply can’t afford to lose 3, never mind 8 of our best players before their time. no county can. Shite end to a predictably shite season. Change required now. Need key players back in the fold asap.


Reading where Ger is happy with progress and we did well for a long time against Tipp. Says he’s only now putting his stamp on the team.

Could be a great year ahead now in 2018 with Ger settled.



You even lost the ability to spell…


Depressing isn’t in it…I stayed for all of the second game and not sure yet whether that made me feel worse or better!

Tore their full back line apart a few times in first half when we ran at them; Trollier blazed one across face of goal and beat Gleeson another time only to see Hamill get in behind to save. That full back line is vulnerable; ROD even turned Hamill a couple of times and Donogh Maher resorted to a full Sean Kavanagh-style haul down on Trollier when he again ran by him. Made the hara kiri errors all the more frustrating.

Agree with that re Treacy - that and the time he spent on Padraig Maher also! Cork showed how best to play Maher - target his lack of pace and mobility. Instead of using Trollier or Quinn we tried a variety of Rush, Tre or just leaving him unmarked…but unerringly landing clearances down his throat. Shambolic.

Anyways, a second glass of a nice Priorat awaits :slight_smile:


Were is Gary Maguire? Wasn’t even listed in the programme and his suspension was completed last week. Our puck outs tonight were a disaster, several straight to Tipp men leading to scores, about five sent over the side line. I though Con O’ C had a nightmare with his indecision playing a big part in the first two goals. Eoghan O’D just couldn’t handle his man and FOBR did well but was horsed off the ball once or twice. The half back line was doing well until Barrett got injured, Madden, who came on, gave his man acres of room. In midfield I would have replaced Quinn not McMorrow, the placing of Treacy there at halftime is just baffling. Tipps goal just after halftime came from his inability to tackle.
The forwards were generally poor, Trollier marked out of the game, Rushe prevented from winning highballs by fair means and foul, ROD just plain past it, Burke a small boy amongst men and O’Sullivan in and out of the game , made two great runs for a goal and a point. Dotsy did well when he came on.




I’m just surprised that people are surprised. Bar the league win vs. Cork the year went exactly as anyone with any foresight at all would have expected.

The manager didn’t have the dressing room in the sense that players that should be there weren’t.

There’s only one answer to that


Even loses more credibility that he didn’t do the decent thing and resign after that farce of a performance and year. That man had no morals and he has set us back 7/8 years. While he may be a nice man on the outside as quoted by some on here he is not a manager and has driven away so many of our players, u21 management and selectors. Not only that but he has given some of our younger players a false sense of what it’s like to be with a senior setup, crumbling all year with walkaways and problems.