All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


I don’t see how we win a puck out tomorrow


We have to break it down and try to win the scraps


Maybe if we hide the ball


true. So I was being over-optimistic…


It is mental stuff. Our two primary ball winners in the forwards are one who can’t win the ball as a forward, and one who just can’t win the ball. Then two kids (good and all as they are) in the half forward line. Roll on 2018.


Not finding much hopeful on here, only Johnny Walker and rosary beads. I just hope they give it a go and take all the scores on offer. If Dillon can run at them and get a couple of goals and Rushe has a stormer…


commit to breaking ball off puckouts and then really commit to hunting down the breaks - for a while Conroy and ROD broke ball well against Galway but we weren’t hunting in packs around them for those breaks
Have to commit to something

Or more interesting would be to mix it up, especially with the midfielders - either push them up for the breaks off the HF line or bring them back in between the HBs to get short puckouts.

We’re actually set up pretty well against the Tipp puckouts


That’s the sprint, if we hunt in packs, harry the feck out of them and test how committed they really are this year, we have a chance. Need Dillon to have a big game.


Possession is key tomorrow … and I mean we need men possessed when I say possession. Hooking , blocking , stopping. Upset fellas. And please god run at ronan maher. He’s like an arctic lorry trying to turn and that’s an insult to the Lorry.


I just hope we give account of ourselves, tough times for Dublin hurling, disaster in regards to moral in the camp , but hopefully that will subside with a sneaky win :wink: Against the stone throwers , if your going to beat the current AI champs , do it in their garden, hop the wall and run and hope you get outha dodge :joy: Best of luck to the lads !!! COYBIB



Some amount of optimism here which unfortunately I don’t share. There may be trouble in the tipp camp but that doesn’t make them bad hurlers. Reading a Darragh o Shea article on their run through qualifiers of 09, couldn’t rise themselves against Antrim and Sligo and looked a busted flush. Yet they hammered Dublin in croker despite people writing them off. I know this is different as tipp don’t rate us but still I think they’ll raise their game massively vs last week.

Best we can hope for is a fighting performance where heads never drop and lads keep going till bitter end. Then GC resigns and we work to get all our best players back on field of play


We’ll see how much the drinkin & ridin has them off their game! :yum:


Morning lads. Well the day is here. All the talk of neutral venues, Tipp in turmoil, Dublin in turmoil etc should long be over and the focus fully on what’s ahead… Looking at the 2 15s named raises some questions

. Fionn ORB had a fine game last week, surprised me to be honest as I’d always earmarked him as a forward. But has he enough about him to contain John McGrath or bubbles? Or indeed if Tipp move Callinan on to him?

. Cian OSullivan. Thought he struggled for large spells against Laois though he had a good spell when he knocked over some nice points but that was at a stage where Laois were gone. What can he bring to the table for us this evening? We need 6 forwards flying here tonight.

. Puck outs, we touched on this last night who wins them? Rushe didn’t win any clean puck out v Laois so can we expect him to just now clean out the Tipp half back line? And if we’re going short can we trust Dooley not to hit at least 3 straight to a Tipp man? Huge issue for me with the puck out.

. Goals will be required where will they come from? Dillon is the only name in our front 6 where I see goals. If I see it Tipp will certainly see it and target him as the one to stop. Dillon to me struggles when a man can match him for speed. Tracy is due a huge game for Dublin aside from frees he needs to lead that attack today and take it to Tipp.

I really think we need all 20 players today to have a game of your life day combined with Tipp being off form as suggested. Can’t see those 2 things happening simultaneously. Therefore regretfully I think Tipp will win. Prediction Tipperary 3-18 Dublin 0-17


Have decided to go to the game today with some reluctance primarily to support the players representing my county. It will be the last game we play this season!

I will with enthusiasm wish Cunningham good riddance when game is over. He has significantly damaged our senior hurling set up and knocked us back number of years. In all likelihood we will get a hiding today. Tipp are some jammy bunch having drawn WM last week, us this week and more than likely will get Wex in QF. They’re shadow of team from last season however.


If they try it during the game, we have a chance :grinning:


I expect a big game from Quinn. His running power could be our best attacking platform if the long puckouts are not working. Tipp did not handle being ran around by Cork and I know that our forwards are not as clinical as Corks but if we can get Quinn, Trollier, O Sullivan and Burke running at them then it gives us a half a chance. Realistically we need to score at least 3 goals but nothing this year has indicated we can. And I can’t see us hitting around 25-30 points. If we keep it to 6-9 points and it’s a good team performance it will be a plus. If we can keep them goal less who knows


Something unexpected has to happen for us to win this. 2 penalties in quick succession, a sending off, a row…they are better than us, we have a shit manager, a shit plan, and few ball winners…but the pressure is all on them and we have nothing to lose.


Agree sneakers, Quinn has adapted well to this level. Like the cut of his jipp.


Am I correct in saying this is not on TV? Just DMT and radio?