All Ireland SHC Round 1, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sat Jul 1st, 7pm


Bart, who gives you the right to decide what constitutes a fan? You have put up several childish comments about this, which I suspect many people laugh at. If someone decides not to go to the game, for whatever reason, that is their decision. You should take a step back. You have fallen out with so many people on here…and the common factor is you Bart. Why did you have to become the Lone Ranger? Lone- you certainly are.


Let’s hope he fails and is replaced after 20 minutes then so. This thread is a disgrace really at this point .
I’ll be in Parnell supporting the players not the management .


Yep, you will be in Parnell Pk… Maybe Croke Pk too on a good day. But from what I have seen unless an away game is on TV you won’t know it exists.So save the martyrdom stuff please…

But anyway, there is more important stuff here then your totally illogical train of thought ( maybe knee jerk reaction is more accurate) on this topic. Maybe you were right back 12 months ago when said there were no player issues and it was all a conspiracy theory…

This is serious stuff, we have spent millions of euro to produce a senior hurling team and we are squandering it on an idiot management team. And I purposefully say ‘team’, because if others involved don’t agree with it they should leave.


Can anyone I PM’d the team to like this post to confirm I’ve some credibility.

Marino rumour mill is right for once…


Not sure if its been discussed in our minor thread…

€40 to see us play Kilkenny on Sunday, seems insane the hill isn’t open.


You’re right it’s more important then you being an imposter .
I’ll engage with the real fans . You aren’t and never will be


I support the players . As always . Managements come and go.


Whether Parnell park is full or empty tomorrow GC is gone after this year. Boycotting the game won’t make the slightest of a difference. By going to the game you are supporting a lot of fine Hurlers who will be representing us for the next 5-10 years. Regardless of who’s managing the team I’d pay my money in to see the likes of eoghan o donnell and Donal burke hurl alone. And there’s more but there just two standouts. A bit off topic but Jesus , O Donnell is unbelievably good.


O’Donnell will be a multiple all star if we get our house in order


It’s a disgrace. Place will be empty.


Without a doubt. What Kilkenny wouldn’t do to have Eoghan @ 3 tomorrow


Don’t want to be overhyping the lad but the day of the relegation play off below in Ennis just in front of me he was sprinting 50/50 for a ball with Aron shanaghar ( a massive young man) and the end result was shanagher tattooed on to the turf and o donnell bursting out with the Ball. Wow is all I could say.


Agreed . Best 3 in the country . So it’s for the likes of him why we should support Dublin tomorrow . Yet some fans want to stay at home
Interesting …


Ah Lads, Give them a chance will you, im no fan of Cunningham but they will in by 15+ IMO. and we will know how good galway are on Sunday. Young lads, new team, give them a chance.


Bart, Lone Ranger, Alone Bart or whoever you are, you have become a caricature of your worst traits! It’s entertaining though. Keep digging! You can’t answer simple questions. You are universally disliked on here for your pedantic disrespectful approach. Please don’t stop. I am loving it!


You’re full of shit and you’re not respected here .
I know what jersey I salute . It appears you’re not sure .


Fair comment old school. Lot of disrespect being shown to the players who are keeping the show on the road


The Rushe thing, The management obvious feel we are weak in that part of the field, Look at Wexford moving Lee Chin centre forward, a different animal. Against a big team, which we play in the next round, we are going to concede a big score, its about damage limitation and can we score more. Good move IMO.

Lets see, one last hurragh for Cunningham over the next 2 games.


Can we just shut the Hurling side of the forum? Fucking toxic


It’s closed to get that area ready for a concert stage. Some showband called Coldplay I’m told.