All Ireland SHC Round 1, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sat Jul 1st, 7pm


Me too please…do I need to bring my boots?


Team for tomorrow confirmed:

  1. Dooley
  2. O’Callaghan
  3. O’Donnell
  4. FORB
  5. Moran
  6. Crummey
  7. Barrett
  8. Ben Quinn
  9. McMorrow
  10. Burke

12. Dillon
13. O’Sullivan
14. O’Dwyer
15. Treacy


Why all the hysteria over this team?


I think even discussing this team is like enabling madness or something.


Bring you laois flag it’s what some posters will advise here
"Fans" allegedly :joy:


4 Fionn Ó Riain Broin Fionn Ó Riain Broin Naomh Jude…Dublin GAA site

Who would have guessed that FORB has the same name as Gaelige?


The no 4 is what jumps out to most not the as gaeilge version



Rushe at centre forward on its own is enough to make you scream. No Riain McBride. O’Sullivan and O’Broin untested in championship.

It’s just beyond parody at this stage.


Laois missing a rake of players. Right time to try out a few lads. Dublin should win pulling up. Strong half back line. Not the worst team.

Looks like ger building for next year!!!


What actually is going on? This obviously isn’t close to our best 15, or to what anyone could claim is our best 15. Does this management team have some other agenda entirely? Is It even a pro Dublin agenda? There is more to this then just a bad team selection. I humbly suggest that no one encourages it by actually going to the game…


You’re not a fan . And don’t pretend otherwise .


Bizarre omission.


Not a fan of this set up, no. Mind you, I have probably been to 90% of the games over 20 years including Walsh cup etc. So unlike yourself, I have seen them outside of the TV and Parnell Pk.


Fair play, you had the Rushe thing correct earlier. As did the other lads with the team.


I support the players through thick and thin. You do it when it suits you . So you’re not a fan


Best of luck to team…

But how in gods name can he be starting rushe in the forwards again. Tried that, didn’t work move on please.


I wouldn’t be at all glad that it has come to pass.

It is simply beyond frustrating at this point.


Young O Sullivan is a super young hurler, he was one of the best minors last year, and one of the best guys on the bench for the u21s. He will be a fixture on the seniors in the future, but the future isn’t now.


Certainly should not be starting ahead of McBride.