All Ireland SHC Round 1, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sat Jul 1st, 7pm


I don’t think anyone is disrespecting the man, the issue is with the job he is doing. And it is a very poor job. I think it is fair enough to say that someone isn’t doing a good job and should not be involved . After all, Cunningham got to say it to Nolan, McCaffery etc.


It has become a very strange year. I expected Cats to wane. However I thought Michael Ryan was the man to get Tipp right to defend their title and it looked like Waterford were serious contenders. Maybe they still are but we have a good chance next weekend, whoever we get. Home advantage would be huge. On a separate note, I was beside a Laois player’s father yesterday. Days like that are awful for them. I saw Laois players crying at the end, having been trounced. There is something desperately wrong about the system.


If that’s the definition you’re going by then we might as well close the board as no one can criticise anyone without disrespecting them.

If not wanting Cunningham as manager is disrespecting him then I’m disrespecting him.



Pretty poor error by HQ …


Insulting to everyone involved, but arguably sums up hq view of lower 1st tier / 2nd tier counties




Someone needs a severe slap on the wrist, seriously like that’s shocking


I second that also


There is one thing being critical of the man where it is deserved it is another when the line is crossed and critical opinion ( which we are all entitled to have) becomes the absolute bile which has, on occasion, been posted here over the past few months.

GC did tell players they were no longer required, and that is his job as manager if he wants to go in a different direction, but at least he did it face to face. Can all the posters here say the same about their criticism of GC?

The big thing about opinion in sport is that those appointed as managers get the opportunity to put their opinions into practice and either succeed or fail in their efforts. But they have the balls to try. Most of us would run a hundred miles if we were asked to even become a County selector never mind a manager.

After last night I am a little more confident in the hurlers that I was before. We mightn’t win next week but the future is no longer as bleak as it was. We are now strong down the middle with good fast players and movement on the wings. The new lads did far better than expected and the team should learn from next week and from the 2018 league which won’t have the same do or die pressures that the 2017 league had.


Fantastic sight to see at half time


My favourite thing about matches in parnell park.


I am not sure there has been a whole lot of bile here. Sure on occasion people have got annoyed and posted a little intemperately, but I can’t remember anything too bad (I am sure there are a few though, so no need for people going back through all the threads to prove a point).

Yes, Cunningham has every right to pick and select who he wants, but it either needs to be a) proves eventually to be correct or b) logical. If it is (a) then eventually the decisions he makes have to work (and they are not) or b) the decisions have to be logical - so we can see that what is happening is following a process and if it doesn’t work it is because we just aren’t good enough. But being illogical and continuously wrong is not a sustainable premise.

I don’t agree with the credit that he gets in some quarters for giving youth a chance. That is just a cop out for any manager. By logical extension, you could pick a team of 17 year olds and say we might not win anything but we will be great in six or seven years time. There can be a time for youth, but you don’t skip over guys in their mid 20s in a rush to get there.

There are probably 6 or 7 decisions he made yesterday between team selections, sub selection and positioning that I would vehemently disagree, but it isn’t really possible to get into them because then you are slagging off amateur players trying their best (unlike Cunningham who most definitely isn’t amateur and I am not sure he is trying his best), and that wouldn’t be right. And that is always the case in any situation when you have bad management that isn’t acted on, it creates a whole load of scenario’s that should never be created.

It is a credit to Dublin hurling people that we can be so badly managed and lost so many players and still be competitive (ish). Aside from the senior team we are in a good place, and the recovery of the senior team can start next year…


Board Delegate, if players had to come out in public to state that they had left the panel, to oppose GC’s announcement that they had been cut, he does not deserve respect. As for giving minors their chance, he forced his own hand as he had hardly a team left to play Tipp in the league. 3 lads in sixth year in school, put out against the senior all Ireland champions? To be hammered? Hellooo?



Agreed but it’s still no excuse for people to be posting here they were hoping laois would win


I don’t think people hoped Laois would win.


I don’t want to be a spoil sport but in this age of litigation this is a receipe for disaster. There is no control over what goes on in these hurling sessions. Kids are not wearing protective gear and Hurley’s are swinging wildly with sliothars flying all over the place. It is only a matter of time before a serious injury happens and then there will be a bandwagon reaction slating DCB for allowing kids on the field at halftime.


Some posters cleared stated otherwise


Dublin vs. Tipp
KK vs. Waterford.


Somewhere like Portlaoise or Tullamore???