All Ireland SHC Round 1, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sat Jul 1st, 7pm


That’s some beating no matter what way you paint it.


True. Laois were beyond bad as anyone will tell you but it’s job done. Confident second half. Monday’s draw will be interesting now. Have to love Dotsy as a player. Trollier came good too.



That’s a good win, after a tricky first half


Only following on Dub Match tracker, but was something like 2-14 to no score between 40th and 70th minute…thats a good run…


Laois didn’t bother their arses for the last half hour. The worst team I have ever seen Dublin play in a championship game. And useless preparation for what will be a game against one of last year’s semi finalists or indeed finalists. Or maybe the AI champions.

Rushe experiment didn’t work yet again. Baffling substitutions. Played with a sweeper in the first half against obviously limited opposition. Short puck outs with a gale behind us. All the usual management tactics. Fair play to the team. They put Laois to the sword. But it won’t be good enough next week no matter who they are playing.


Well played lads. Any win at senior championship level is to be welcomed. Best of luck in Mondays draw and in the resulting match next weekend.


I wouldn’t fear Kilkenny in their present state. A Munster team and we’re finished though


Dunno, tipp labored to beat Westmeath.


Tipp are not in a good way. Waterford played with a sweeper today while offaly played with two sweepers. Took Waterford 25 minutes to take the lead. All is not right in Munster.


Much improved second half. Trollier, Quinn and Sullivan with a few nice points.

Rushe I don’t think got a puc in the game.

Laois conditioning I thought was very poor for inter county standard.

Sure we’ll give it a crack next week.


Ironically KK might be the best draw for us. Still don’t think we’d beat them. I’ll be out of the country anyway so tonight may well have been my last experience of Ger Cunningham’s Dublin team.


… or maybe not!


Enjoyable enough second half. Started with a few poor wides but then took off. But we certainly mix the sublime with the ridiculous. Trollier got some great scores - some steps for second goal though. O’Dwyer doesn’t work at FF - not enough pace and lads trying to find him with a sweeper in front of him was daft. Quinn has some pace and I thought Rushe got on plenty of ball. Defence was very good in second half but all said Laois were … Laois


We all know that Alan but let’s try and follow the team as best we can. I went to Parnell not sure we’d win and I’m relieved we did
Young o Sullivan is a real talent . Really good skill level . Probably too early for him but


I said 15-20 points at the start of the week and it should have been a lot more. But take the win. I thought Forb justified his selection at corner back. Quinn motored well in midfield. Trollier got some nice scores. Dotsy looked in great shape and moved well when introduced. Obviously it will be a different story against better opposition but tonight we could only beat what was in front of us. Worrying the amount of space given to Laois on their puckouts. All we can ask for is their best effort next Saturday against whoever. It’s all bonus territory at this stage. Semple stadium I presume?


Unlikely to be Semple with Tipp involved. Wasn’t it Limerick last year?


Good performance tonight. Thought forb settled well, Quinn was superb in middle of park. Some great points from Trollier and Dotsy. One concern would be fluting around with ball in back line by Dooley, against sharper FF line we’d be creamed.
Some brilliant hooks and blocks going in.
Thought Laois gave up after 5mins of 2nd half and looked like they weren’t bothered being there FFS it’s Championship Hurling!
I was there at 6.10pm and Laois were on pitch doing some serious drills, fella from Laois behind couldn’t understand this and commented they looked dead on their feet after 20mins.


Laois wouldn’t make a Dublin SHC final, worst team I’ve ever seen live at intercounty.


Good crowd there who gave great support and plenty of kids which was great to see. Only found out recently I know FORBs da from many years back - a great character and a true Northsider!