All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Monaghan v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday 12th August, 3.30pm


I think it will be tight. Hopefully a game that will make us sit up and take notice. It has all the potential to be a great match. There’s not a lot between them. I fancy Monaghan to beat them again.


I fancy Tyrone if Michelle O’Neill recovers in time!


Tyrone for me. Seem to be finishing games very strong.


Could’ve beaten us, bad wide blew the chance for them


I expect a bigger crowd than yesterday … which will bring out the big warriors …


Don’t see a thread for this, so here we go.

Safe travels to Daller and his ilk.

'Mon Monaghan ! :finland:


Ha ha, daller doing his ciaran Kilkenny impression going all over the shop with final destination croker


I expect Tyrone will have a bit more nous about them, will probably win by a couple of points.


No chance Tyrone are beaten today


Fancy Monaghan meself for some reason.


I can see nothing but a Monaghan win. Everybody seems to have them written off.


I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if Mon won (will like to see them win too) but until they actually beat a big team in a big game in Croke Park there’ll always be that doubt. Plus I still have the expectation that Tyrone are more experienced in pressure games like this, even if that is no longer really the case.


Strange alright … Tyrone are not anything special tbh.

I hope it doesn’t rain or it could turn into a dogfight …


Moi aussi. There’s just something about them this year. The way they didn’t let the heads drop after the heartbreak of the Kerry game and really went for it in Galway, was very, very impressive. A bit of a caveat now though, considering how shite Galway were.


Sorry to steal your thunder, @ProudDub


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1930 apparently


They locked you out of that too!


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I’m on this bus, great title Proudy! :clap::joy:

If Monaghan can stop Tyrone making those late subs they’re in with a great chance. Have to say I fear Monaghan being outclassed by the end but more likely they don’t get the breaks and lose very narrowly. Could be a draw.