All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


Ah - so you’re not a Dub! Tyrone by 3 in their back yard - pulling up - despite Sky narrowing the pitch. We are streets ahead imo.

I don’t do ‘sky falling in’ scenarios though they could conceivably happen. I just call it like it is. I’m not into false platitudes - just honest appraisal, Dublin by 6+.

ps If you don’t like confident Dublin fans maybe avoid Dublin fan forums :wink:


And we’re off…ignorance, arrogance wohey! :grinning:

All things being g equal if Dublin perform to our level we win if we don’t then Galway have a decent chance. We are ahead of everyone but not that far ahead.

From what I’ve seen this year we are as strong as ever defensively but not going as well with the ball. Neither Mannion or Con have scored in last two games and both looking like confidence is low in front of goals. With no DC we don’t have the ability to get scores off the cuff. Everything with the ball tied into the ‘process’.

Still have strong confidence & belief in this team but a couple of Mistakes or poor ref decisions could have this game on a knife edge. Galway mightn’t be that great but they’ll be well able to scrap next Sat eve. We need to step it up next Sat if we want to get to Sept 2nd.


If you need to log into an opposition counties forum to look for external validation from random internet people then it indicates a lack of confidence or insecurity in your own team.


Do you mean this physique? Mind you, he is a hurler! fat-hurler


You’re kidding? Undid the Dublin defense? :grinning:

Comer won a couple of frees by dragging the Dublin defender down in top of him, got on a couple of other balls and did well with them and kicked a Hail Mary point late on. That was it. And like the rest of your Galway team disappeared when the game was up for grabs and you had an extra player. Yeah we’re afraid of Comer alright.


I’m reading those comments and they do sound arrogant etc etc.
Its fair enough to say i think dublin or galway will win by 1,2,3,4 points etc and put an element of reason to it.
I’ve been chatting to old work mates in galway who are hoping it wont be double digits - but thats all yerra talk !!!

Its knock out football now - anything can happen


It’s nothing to do with respect at all. And by the way you can make an All Ireland semi final now even if you lose three games. Monaghan and Tyrone have both lost twice already. Respect … and all that.

ps Dublin unbeaten … since 2014.


Jaysus that’s harsh. CC is a top quality finisher, and like most of them will back himself to get scores anytime he’s on the ball, sometimes missing that other players are in better positions. Both Bernard and Alan Brogan were guilty of this in their younger days too, but it is something that can be worked on.

Sometimes Cormac tries too hard to impress when he gets a start and will get better with more games under his belt (he has been poxed with injuries in the last couple of years), but to say that he is only out for himself is unfair on the guy IMO.


Agree totally that certainly Berno had that Streak in him early doors.

It just seems any time he’s on the ball he doesnt in anyway look for a man in a better position (this can be a good or bad thing)

I’d say there’s a lot of frustration at training with lads playing in the forwards with him


Its some job to try and break into that forward line, but its also good to have players who do different things from the usual system of play (Kevin Mc, O’Gara etc.) keeps the opposition defence honest


Or maybe those forwards are happy he was there two years ago when he pretty much won the All Ireland for them.

He should be starting. A natural scoring forward.


We’re fit and conditioned but there’s are less big arses then a lot of other teams. Must be all the bacon & cabbage they ate


Where did you get my photo? :grinning:


I’m surprised they could get ‘shinguards’ to fit him


I thought in the last few games Costello was very good in his use of the ball. I actually think he has more scope for taking on his man then he does. He seems to try it out, but then turn out of it and lay the ball off. But it is a very hard to call make.

He got the start against Monaghan in the league and he turned over a bit of ball that day and I assume that went against him. But any time we have seen him since he has been nearly flawless. This is probably the longest injury free spell he has had since he came out of minor, so we can really only see his full capabilities now.

Apart from his scoring from play, his free taking was very good the other day. He was always decent at 45s, but he would only just make the distance. The last day he cleared the bar with ease. The less he has to force the kick, the better he will be. I think we could just be seeing the best of him now.


Jesus wifi you’ve let yerself go.


That was at my peak too!


It’s amazing what you can find searching the 'net!


Nothing wrong (or unusual) about forwards being a little selfish - it’s only when it badly impacts the team performance that it becomes a problem. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons for his limited game time. I can only imagine that JG puts a premium on decision making under pressure.


Jeez, I really used to look great, before I lashed on all the weight…