All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


I do not preach complacency - I talk fact - no whataboutery bullshit. I have also correctly predicted the last three All Ireland champions …:smirk:


What’s a bit flat? I don’t understand.


How did you get on the 00s.:confounded:

Most of us who followed the team through the 90s and 00s have an absolute fear of hype and underestimated opositions. While not always rational it’s like a survival instinct engrained in our DNA.

We will be beaten at some stage and we will not see it coming and better teams lose all the time, so I don’t like to dismiss any team.


Love that saying, I’m using that today!

Re-watched the 2016 semi last night and pretty much everything went right for Kerry that day (apart from the Marc O’Se for Geaney sub when the match was level with a few minutes to go). We overran them in the 3rd quarter but they still had enough to go 2 points up inside the last 10 mins. And yet…
That could easily have been the day to get caught, but despite Spillane taking delight in ‘Cluxton’s miltdown’ we never panicked - Cluxton in particular looked as calm as I’ve ever seen him, even when his kickouts were being turned over.

The ploy of running down the clock late in games, while not good for supporters’ health, I have no doubt is a calculated risk on how best to see out games. If it ever backfires, though, it will look awful.

We will most likely be caught out some day but have to agree with Dub09 - we have the best team & squad so no reason not to be optimistic.


The earth, apparently


Maybe flat ain’t the best word but laboured particularly in Attack … that may well be tactical and “ de process” but we seem to have lost a bit of instinct going forward …

I’m hoping we are let of the leash from here on as have a horrible feeling a stupid sucker punch goal in last 10 could reverse momentum for either team and leave us open


We must all hope that Jayo keeps it together this time. I’m not sure we’d survive him getting more sent off. Also, Salthill showed us all that Gavin’s policy of preventing O’Gara getting sent off by only bringing him on at the very end, can still come unstuck. :grinning:


That’s it in a nutshell.


I got on grand because I recognised there was too much hype and we weren’t quite good enough. I was also ok in the late 70s and early 80s in recognising that Kerry were an exceptional team. Like we are now.


You’re a cold & logical creature dubby


Firstly, what happened? That is the first time in ages you have replied to my posts without prefacing it with ‘I am seriously worried about you’. Do you not care anymore? Is the magic gone? Is there someone else? :slightly_smiling_face:

But that aside… I think we are generally a light team, Scully, Fenton, Jack and Murchan of course are all lighter then your average footballer these days. To my mind we have gone a different road to every other team and yes it does work. It it is very innovative but likewise there are other clever managers out there who are focussing on how to beat Dublin, and one will succeed eventually. That’s not particularly worry, it is just how I see it. To be 100% sure of winning the AI we would have to be 10 points better then everyone and we are not. We are probably 3 or 4 points better then the rest, but a fluky goal can take care of that.


Of course I do!

Wouldn’t say Jack Mc is any way light - quite the opposite. Fenton and Scully are still filling out. Jamesy, JC and others were all that build at their age - they will develop further - both naturally and with S & C. Imo there is an ideal GAA physique the way the game is currently played and we have a huge % of that type of player.


It’s easy to be bullish off the back of recent success but id look to recent form as a more accurate measure. The case for our defence is solid, as too is midfield. Forwards less so, discounting the Ros game for obvious reasons, the last two competitive outings were average at best.

Id look on the Tyrone game in particular in a more negative light than many seem to do. It’s seemed to be glossed over as Dublin always in control but I didn’t see it that way at all.

If we perform I think we will win given where the team is at but that performance isn’t guaranteed in front of the posts. A few slaps will undoubtably be thrown by the opposition to try put a couple of our less combative players off. Galway reduced the recent league games to turgid affairs and id expect nothing more from them on Saturday.

I don’t think it’s going to be enough to beat us but I don’t think we will hammer them. Obviously it would be great to be proved wrong.


I think it is kind of forgotten that in recent years when teams have tried to drag us down to their level we still scraped out wins. We have become masters at playing teams at their own game, unfortunately that has meant that the entertainment value is not always what it could be


From reading the sh1te on this from some people what is even the point of Galway turning up. Dubs are a phenomenal team (probably the best ever) but some fans have become ignorant and arrogant imo. Team are likeable as a whole with the football they play and every system they can play but fans are becoming intolerable.


We are coming from a low ebb of years of failure and Mayo dominance to Kevin Walsh trying to rebuild and compete in Connaught which has been achieved. Others disagree but for me to have retained Division 1 and won Connaught and made it through the Super8 then the boxes are ticked for 2018. Others say no you only get a few chances to win an All-Ireland but I think times have changed and it now takes time to develop a squad capable of first challenging and then possibly like Dublin dominating over time by adding 3-4 players and blending them into team like Gavin does so well.
Jaysus ye won feck all for a long time as ye all know so now ye are building a legacy which has eclipsed Heffos army which would have seemed fantastical many years ago when Dublin were down. Tyrone lost heavily to Dublin last year but are in the last 4 again this year so whatever happens on Saturday Galway have emerged from the doldrums and will get better in the next few years.


All very true


If you are referring to me there I take exception to your remarks. I am stating what I see - it is not arrogance. I am assessing the teams, the achievements, the strengths and weaknesses and calling it very firmly in Dublin’s favour. Gaelic football is in a bad way and Dublin are streets ahead of the rest in any department you care to look at. Imo it is ludicrous and hypocritical to be calling them the greatest team of all time and then suggesting they will find it tough against opposition that is at best ordinary. If you are referring to ignorance maybe that’s where it is.

My opinions are based on facts - not fear.


It strikes me that Costello is an extremely greedy player and is only out for himself.

Sometimes this fits in with a team but not this one.


The battering ram of a player undid the meanest defence in the league final. I am talking about this forum and some Dublin fans in general. You are giving no respect to a team in an all ireland semi final. To say streets ahead again is ignorance. What did ye beat Tyrone by?