All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


I just watched the League Final again. Galway haven’t a prayer if they persist with the same system.
Off topic. Brian Tyers is a marvellous commentator. The phrases and words glide off his tongue. So enjoyable to listen to. Like Micheal O’Muireheartaigh before him he paints a wonderful picture. I wonder with commentators like him and Darragh Moloney around why we have to be subjected to Canning and Marty ?


If these teams truly abandoned their systems for a more attacking one they would be hammered…yes they would score more but in opening up the game leave space for the greatest team of all time to show exactly why they are


Bernard played 15 minutes tonight for Plunketts.


Galway won’t score enough to beat us. They’ll probably need to create 25+ scoring chances to beat us, and have a high % success rate within that. They’ll need 2 or 3 goals too. They don’t attack enough, or quickly enough to do that. When was the last team to win a huge game at the latter end of the Championship playing this type of tactic? Probably Donegal in 2014, won’t happen again.


Really don’t like this type of talk .
We must never underestimate the opposition.
This will play right into Galways hands . They have one of the most clinical free takers in the league , probably only bettered by Rock & Beggin.
Walsh & Comer could cause us all sorts of problems as well as Burke .
If Con & Mannion aren’t delivering again the bench should see us through . I wouldn’t be surprised to see Con benched for Cossie but it will do him more harm than anything i think so jim should start Con & see how he goes .
As much as the Rossie game was a non event , it was perfect preparation for Flynn & Kevin , not to mention O’Gara who should give us a lift if he comes on .
Id be delighted if it was over after about 10 minutes but i think this will be alot closer than some expect.


The way they play has been proven to get teams far, but not far enough. With all these forwards why don’t they go and have a proper go against us? I’ve watched them closely this season, they have a poor kickout, and an attitude where they try squeeze games (win low-scoring encounters), statistically that won’t work against us. They will need those amount of scoring chances, all the data points to that. If they can do that, then fair play to them it should be a great game. I just hope they come out and give it a rattle and its one we talk about in years to come.


As i posted previously , there was two points in it in the 66th minute in the league final . If that’s not giving it a rattle i don’t know what is . And who is to suggest they don’t have a different game plan for Saturday . They didn’t give a rats about the Monaghan game , its fairly obvious now . This is the game they targeted once qualification was secured . They will be a different animal Saturday , i have no doubt about that .


Contracts for life?


I heard Galway played more attacking against Kildare a couple of games ago or maybe they were allowed to ? Not sure if it that was the case but Is there a possibility that they might change their system a bit on Saturday ?


The first clause carries … regardless …


Leagues mean nothing. We were down a man and powered home. Galway are ordinary. We are talking about the best team to ever play the game here and people think negative teams like Galway with a huge amount of ordinary players will beat us. Frankly it’s nonsense.


I don’t think any county manager does complacent. But they can get trapped into group think like we did in 2014. There was one plan then and they were so convinced it was right they didn’t have a plan B.

If we meet another manager who can shake Dublin’s system it can happen again. Gavin has taken a very brave route. We are a relatively light team in terms of muscle mass compared to the other top teams. We also put total faith in our +1 form of defence. That is a high wire system that works, but it might not always.

Gavin is brilliant, but I think any manager can be out flanked every now and then. In the past, when the system was put under huge pressure by the likes of Kerry or Mayo, the likes of Brogan or Connolly took us out of a hole. We don’t really have that now (maybe Costello!), so the system and the manager has to be flawless now.

I think we are better then anyone left, but one of the other teams only have to be lucky once


McGuiness won’t like that one bit :joy:


Seriously @Wifi wtf does that even mean?? I like your posts here but do you honestly think that any of the other 3 will outmuscle us?

And we don’t put faith in our +1 defence - we set up against teams that are afraid to play 6 or even 5 or 4 forwards. That’s what we do - and if someone goes 6v6 both ends we will burn them because we have by far a distance the best players in the country - even on our bench.

If we all take off the ‘shitting bricks’ glasses and look factually at the situation Dublin will win this All Ireland without any shadow of a doubt and hopefully a lot of panache.


If we are to coldly analyse this game we are looking at an ordinary enough Galway team - with nothing like the strength in depth of Dublin - who have unfortunately lost one of their absolutely key players to two broken legs.

We are asking if a battering ram of a player - not dissimilar to EOG who is not rated here by many - can undo the meanest defence in recent times.

We are asking if a goalkeeper who has low % in kickout delivery will compete in this aspect against the greatest keeper of all time.

This is a Galway team who will arrive in Croke Park on the back of an 8 point home defeat and with relatively little support …

A shock? Not a hope in hell imo … a leathering more like … this is not the Allianz League … this is man stuff.


Think everyone agrees is ours to lose … but in the bag n foregone conclusion I can’t see

Next sat is either us shouting the lights out ala Tyrone last year or more likely a dogfight where if tight with 10 to go then it can go either way

Tyrone / Monaghan probably have a more balanced game than Galway with an ability vary tactics a bit … and both do seem more dynamic and Lacey than Galway

Dubs have looked a bit flat all season …particularly in Attack … hopefully it’s about peaking at right time and we see that in next 2 games but form to date has been worrying in terms of possibly getting caught on a day


If we have looked flat (don’t necessarily agree) then the rest have looked decidedly flatter


In my opinion we have a much better squad than Galway. What we have to be aware of is discipline. Paddy Tally is a master of coaching his teams in the dark arts and his record of getting opposition players sent off is quite incredible.
Don’t get drawn into that. I believe that Jim Gavin will prepare his team for that scenario. He will tell his players not to wrestle with the pig because if you do then you will both end up mucky but only one of you will be happy.


Dark arts, mind games, negativity can be a weapon and make a difference when teams are very closely matched. That is not the case here.


It is a semi final. Whatever about last weekend’s results Galway reached the league final and are in the Semi Final of the All Ireland. Jim and his team will not treat them lightly and nor should they. Complacency is our greatest danger but thankfully neither the management or players will read this forum.