All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


It’s going to be gripping either way, even if it’s a low scoring slog, it’s an all Ireland semi-final. Hope our forwards click, just not going as well this year v the packed defences.


Me too , just watched back the highlights of the league final , someone posted it last night .
There was only 2 points in it in the 66th minute.
Id forgotten how close it was .


The Counterpoint to that is last year’s AISF against the Red Hand. Everyone was saying this was the game we were in real danger of being de-throned in. It was over as a contest after 14 minutes…

Galway were trounced by Monaghan, while at home, six days before an AISF. That is not conducive to the mindset you want in place heading to Croker.

I think as good an indicator of current form as the league final, would be how both Galway and Dublin fared against Roscommon.

Galway overcame a tough Challenge in the Provincial Decider by 4 points. We beat them by 14 in a dead rubber, but with essentially a second string team playing.

Don’t get me wrong, Dublin could be beaten on Saturday. But it won’t be Galway’s doing alone, it would be our own undoing, plus them going everything right.

Dublin by 6+.


Gavin is generally very boring to listen to as he speaks in clichees and states the obvious. However one comment in made was after the league final v Galway. Con had just returned from the hurling and played very well. Gavin remarked that he ( con) was further down the line in terms of fitness that the rest of the team. With an almost full panel reaching peak fitness on schedule and Galway down the excellent and unfortunate Conroy I can only see Dublin win.


Paul Conroys absense will tell on Saturday even though Duggan is back and Cooke and Tom Flynn particularly has lifted it since Pauls horrific injury his leadership on pitch will be missed. Young Kelly is also injured and im not sure he will play which is also a big loss. Expect Armstrong might come in as he has the brain but maybe not the pace anymore he might be able to bring Comer into game.


Always liked armstrong as a footballer.


Monaghan slaughtered Galway in Salthill. You think we can’t match that in Croke Park?

Galway are mule. If they try last weekend’s game plan against Dublin they’ll be beaten out the gate.


It’s dangerous to look too much into their performance on saturday – they definitely would have had one
eye on the semi final.

It depends how much intensity they are capable of bringing. It will likely be pissing rain so these things can be levellers


Agree with that, we’re not used to seeing teams in 1/4 finals who have already qualified, they looked miles off the pace and if that’s an accurate reflection f where they’re at then they’ll be well beaten but i suspect we’ll see a very different attitude at the weekend.


I’d expect us to create and go for goal chances early on. It’s happened in a lot in games we’ve played in the last 2 seasons particularly. When we win the throw in we often go straight for the goal chance - Con is a player who seems to be the key to this. Obviously he scored the early goals in both the semi and final last year, but he’s had similar chances this year- the Laois game a prime example straight off the throw in. It seems to be a tactic of ours,and we’ve definitely had joy with it in the past. If we can get an early lead against any of the 3 teams left in the championship I can’t see any of them reeling us in.


Weather by accident or design Galway were already mentally thinking about a semi final last Sunday and their performance against Monaghan has about as much relevance as our game against Roscommon (we conceeded 2-16 :astonished:).

I think it will be hard for them to turn it on and off but it will be there mind set that they drew with us and came within a few points in the league final and that if they up the tempo they could close the gap.

I think the system they play is beatable and this Dublin are well rehearsed to deal with it but it wont stop Galway trying to do it again. They’ll be looking for every soft free they can get to keep themselves in it and I dont expect them to contest to many kickouts early on. From the league final i think they try every trick in the book to try to get a confrontation going and get black, yellow and red cards dished out.

I believe we’ll beat them but not by a cricket score and it wont be a good match.


As you say it’s very hard to turn it on and off and there’s definitely some doubt in Galway this week and probably don’t really know where they are at tbh and if they can they can bring the intensity good enough to beat us.
Dublin opened them up very easily early on in the league final and Mannion should have had a goal in the 1st minute. If we take an early goal chance it will turn out like the Tyrone game last year and it will be over by half time.


you could say that a team that conceded 2-14 against Roscommon wont have a hope of getting through either.
I’m not saying we wont win on Saturday , but it will be a different game to what was seen last weekend.


There’s no comparison between the two games. Dublin had nothing whatsoever to play for. Never mind we fielded half of a B team. If anything you’d have expected Galway to want to avoid Dublin until the final, something they catastrophically failed to do.

How anyone could rate this Galway team above mediocre is beyond me. And we are well beyond mediocre, even on our worst days.


Don’t see the big deal about Galway having to play us now rather than in a potential final. Nothing was at stake last weekend.

If we turn up on Saturday thinking we just have to take the field then we’ll be out.


In fairness Gavin doesn’t do complacent. Every single match is taken on its own merits and each player will be fully drilled on the challenge that they will be facing.

That said, Galway have gone fully nordy-ball this year and that along with our max power anti-blanket approach will probably lead to an awful spectacle if the promised rain arrives on time. This could potentially be one of the worst games of football since Donegal 2011


It’s hard to know really. Tyrone had nothing to lose in last 10 but if they went at us gung ho from the outset I doubt they’d have kept our score down. Similarly Galway. On any 15 v 15 match up we would have the lions share of better player. Add in our experience, winning record and that belief and we have massive advantages over the other teams left.


Barry Cassidy is down to referee it.



I’m traveling more in hope than expectation of a good entertaining game.